Friday, October 19, 2018

The Racehorse Formerly Known as Alibi


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Racehorse, DJ Trump, formerly Known as Alibi

Oddly enough, many of my ultra-conservative friends, whom I generally think of a leaning mean in their politics (not bothered by kids in cages, dismembered journalists or vicious name-calling) are also impassioned animal lovers. They'd swim a river to save a sick kitten; they would go without food themselves before they let a lost puppy go hungry. They are often rescuers of animals. They buy cat foot by the 50-pound bag.  They feed feral cats, possoms and raccoons. I find this all quite admirable.

That why I don't understand how they justify their support of Donald Trump with their dedication to animals.

I first read about Alibi, aka DJ Trump, in Gail Collins' column in the New York Times. The story intrigued me in a sickening sort of way so I went looking for more information.

Of course, we know Donald Trump doesn't like animals. He holds them in the same kind of contempt that he holds women, which is why he so often give women he's trying to put down animal names - Miss Piddy, Horseface, dogs. Donald Trump has never had a pet. He thinks they are dirty and carry -carrier if duseases.

However, once Trump decided to buy a racehorse, Alibi, who was thought to possibly be a Triple Crown contender. He promptly insisted on changing the horse's name to D J Trump (of course, he did). Then he argued that he should only have to pay $250,000 of Alibi's $500,000 asking price because his name and brand were worth $250,000. Reluctantly, the seller agreed.

DJ Trump was stabled and being trained in Florida. A plan was developed to get him ready to move him to New York to race.

Meanwhile a virus was racing through the Florida stable. Although D.J. wasn't showing signs of being sick, the trainer wanted to be safe rather than sorry. He recommended laying of DJ's workouts and to postpone the trip to New York.

Donald Trump said, absolutely not. He wanted horse to be worked out hard and to be transport to New York on schedulef.

Immediately after his last workout, the horse began trembling violent;y and then collapsed.

Turned out he'd contacted the virus. In order to save his life, the veterinarian had to amputate his front hooves

And Donald Trump reacted exactly as you'd expect him to react. Since he hadn't written the check yet, he reneged on the deal and refused to pay Alibi's seller and naturally, he didn't want the worthless piece of horseflesh DJ Trump had become. Eventually, one of his executives' wives took him just to be kind.

So that's your hero Trump-supporting animal lovers. Doesn't it make you proud?

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