Wednesday, September 5, 2018

But I Loooooove Him!


We used to have women come into the jail with broken bones and black eyes to leave money in their batterer's commissary account. If you questioned them about it, they said, "but I looove him." He could have busted her nose or thrown her children down the stairs but still, she loved him. I've said it before but I believe it even more strongly as time passes - Trump groupies are like victims of Domestic Violence. Nothing can change their love of that man.

During the course of my career, I went to many Domestic Violence conferences in which we were advised to be patient, to be non-judgmental, to continue to help even if it was the fifth time you'd tken her to a shelter.

I never did understand the pathology of loving someone who mistreats you over and over. In time, my patience, non-judgmentalism, willingness to help burned completely out (especially when children were involved) and I gave up my position as Women's Advocate.

When they broke the inviolate rule of revealing the location of the safe house, calling him to come get her, so anxious to get back to him so that I had to take her farther away each time she called me. When she felt no remorse about asking me to risk my own life, fleeing to safety and wondering if a man with a sawed off shotgun was following me. They may be soybean farmers, lobstermen, nail makers or Harley Davidson employees at risk of losing their incomes thanks to Trump's trade war idiocy but they looooove him.

They can be women who shrug off being called fat pigs and liars and crazed dogs. They laugh when Trump says that they'll tolerate anything from a celebrity, including being grabbed by the pussy - ha!ha! They still proudly wear their Women for Trump teeshirts.

They can be black Uncle Tom ministers who kiss the butt of a president who has not one African American working in the West Wing of his White House.

They think climate change is a farce and the Russian probe is a witch hunt because he says so despite a mountain of evidence that has accumulated to prove otherwise in both cases
.. They believe he is draining the swamp even though more of his staff and supporters have left his employ or been charged or convicted of ethics violations than any other president.

If he does it, it must be good - breaking up families and locking children in baby prisons. Hey, that's cool because we know all Muslims are terrorists and all Mexicans are rapists and murderers and all Haitians have AIDS and all Africans come from shithole nations.

Meanwhile, he adores Nazis, dictators and White Nationalists. Real Americans are white

They cheer at his lies and his cruelty and his corruption and his many conflicts of interest.

Our battered women would call the police to rescue them in the desperation of the moment, then swear that the officers  coerced them to say he'd beaten her when she'd really fallen down the stairs. When reminded that lying to the authorities was perjury, she'd take the  blame herself in an attempt to get the prosecutor to withdraw the charges against him.

I think Trump supporters would do the same....because they looooove him.

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