Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Straight Blue

This wouldn't have been a title of a blog I'd have written ten years ago because although I've always leaned toward the Democrats, I rarely voted a straight ticket.

And I'll admit to a certain amount of conflict with the Dems. I am not a Progressive. I've never been able to stand Bernie Sanders. I think he's as much the reason Hillary lost the presidency as Russia or WikiLeaks or Jim Comey.

I'm more a middle-of-the-roader but I do think the D's made a mistake by leaving the same old tired politicians in power for so long and not giving enough space for their younger ones to grow. I do think the energy is on the more liberal side of the party.

Having said that, I believe that we should promote whoever is the best fit for their district - conservative Democrats in conservative districts and lefty Democrats in lefty districts. I want to win, however, we have to do it.They can fight policies out among themselves when they are in control again.

Yes, I will forgive Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly and Heide Heidkamp if they vote for Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. What difference does it make? Trump is going to get one of his picks and they are almost interchangeable so why risk a Senate seat in a losing cause?

In the next few years, I would like to see the DACA kids get a chance for citizenship. I would like to see veterans who fought for their country to stop being deported. I would like to see a humane immigration policy. I would like to see a more selective "Muslim ban" instead of one that judges all members of a particular religion the same. I would, ideally, like to see Medicare for all. I would like to see the minimum wage increased to a living wage. I would like to see us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I would like to see fewer tax breaks for rich people and corporations and more for the middle class or at least to demand the corporations share their cuts with their employees, rather than stock buy backs and investor dividends. I would like us to go back to free trade. I would like to see us re-join the Paris Accords, the TransPacific Partership, the Iran Agreement, NAFTA. I would like to see us acknowledge our allies in NATO and the G7 as our friends and not our foes. I would like to quit playing kissy-face with the Russians and North Koreans.

I might get some of these things from Democrats; I won't get any of them from Republicans. The current Republicans aren't the R's I once knew. They cower in their corners in the face of Donald Trump's tweets. They have turned all their previous principles upside down. Deficit hawks - ha! Free-traders - ha! America - the leader of the free world - ha!

Their hypocrisy in the way they treated Obama versus the way they toady to Trump is awesomely awful.

So, I will vote for Democrats from the top to the bottom of the ballot. I will vote for them no matter their basic political philosophies - conservative, moderate, liberal or progressive, old or young, black or white, male or female, straight or gay.

I will be voting a straight Democratic ticket until our politics returns to normal and Republicans decide they are patriots rather than partisans.

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