Saturday, July 21, 2018

It's Looking More and More Like Treason


If I had even the slightest morsel of doubt that perhaps I was over-reacting about Donald Trump and just maybe he and his followers weren't as bad as I thought, his performance in Helsinki and their response wiped out that sliver of doubt. I'm 72 and while I think other presidents have sometimes shown misjudgment (the Iraq War being a prime example) none of them has ever disgraced and demeaned our country like this one. None of them has ever purposely thrown our allies under the bus. (My own personal feeling about the reason for his animus toward Therese May and Angela Merkel is that he has absolute contempt for women and assumes all females are weak by definition).

Putin bounced and strutted to the stage in Helsinki like a cocky rooster who'd just screwed a hen. He grinned from ear to ear. He looked like a happy, contented man.

Meanwhile. America's own president was submissive and groveling, agreeing with everything Putin said, like thinking that his idea to send our investigators to Russia to work with Putin's KGB interrogators to "figure out" who hacked our election. This is a suggestion so far beyond the pale that it is almost impossible to believe an American leader could think that way. This while every single intelligence agency we have believe it is an incontrovertible fact that Russia is the culprit.

That Mueller just indicted 12 KGB agents in the hacking probe three days before and that Trump was briefed about it before the meeting, makes it infinitely worse.

And why did Trump insist on meeting Putin alone, without even note takers? Why did he not even want his advisors to know what went on? Did he not realize that the U.S. would then be reduced to obtaining the information from the Russians. Best case scenario, it would be a "he said, he said" so that no one could dispute what Putin said with any authority. But it wasn't a "he said, he said", it was a "both agreed" situation and Trump himself hasn't released even a summary of what was talked about to his people.

And Jesus God, now Trump has invited Putin to the White House before the midterm elections! How freaking stupid are we?

And yet, I've been arguing on Facebook with Trump cult members who are totally behind Trump. What makes me the angriest is the false moral equivalency they try to draw between America and Russia.

"Well, we're not so great either," they claim. According to them, our entire government is a hotbed of deep state corruption including Democrats, Republicans, intelligence agencies, the FBI, the Justice Department and of course, the fake media, who are acting to bring down their adored Trump.

This is all bullshit of the highest order. We don't imprison or kill our political opponents (despite what the Trump nuts say about Hillary).  We don't imprison or kill journalists. We don't beat up citizens who disagree with the government or put them in labor camps. We don't go to other countries and poison people with chemical weapons. We don't invade other countries and claim them for our own.

The right seems to like America less and less as the Trump administration goes on. He has successfully convinced a large swath of us to turn against our own nation. In the war of Trump (and Russia) against the U.S., they are on Trump's side. They despise the Democrats why more than they despise Putin.

Trump leads his fanatics around by the nose with a web of pathological lying. Putin leads Trump around by the nose with a web of pathological lying. Like attracts like.

I hate saying this but it begins to look more and more like treason to me.

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