Thursday, December 7, 2017

We Need to Start From Now.

Why not Al Franken? Some think the senator and former comic could be Hillary’s VP - St. Louis ...

I am so sick of all this sexual harassment crap. Holier-than-thou Democrats force out their politicians while Republicans support theirs and say, "screw you if you don't like it". Meanwhile, Kristan Gillibrand (who I normally like) and her cohorts insist that Democrats must be the party of purity. Baloney, there is no such thing as a party of purity.

And there we Democrats sit with our thumbs up our butts and our purity hung around our necks while the conscienceless party controls the House,  the Senate and the White House. They flat out tell us they want the votes to give rich people a huge tax cut and savage our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in order to lessen some of the debt the tax bill will run up and they'll do whatever it takes to get them.

Do Democrats really think this is a winning strategy? I haven't seen any signs that the moral high has played into our hands so far, have you? True, we did well in Virginia and New Jersey this year but those states both trend blue anyway. Let's look at this again when we win in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee based on who can claim the moral high ground.

And this nonsense about every woman must be believed because she's a woman - do we think people like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, the Mercers, the Kochs, Judicial Watch wouldn't pay women to make allegations against Democratic politicians? Are you kidding? They are the same ones who made up a ludicrous trumped-up (and I do mean, Trumped Up) story about Hillary Clinton running a child porn ring out of a pizza parlor. There is no vile line in the sand they wouldn't cross.

And are there woman who would gladly take the money in return for dishing dirt? Yes, there freaking are! The Washington Post outed one just last week.

I personally always thought that at least some of Bill Clinton's accusers were paid by the "vast right-wing conspiracy".  

I certainly don't deny that we have a sexual harassment problem in this country but we've had it for years, decades. We can't go back 10, 20, 30 years and correct it now. We need to give everyone a clean slate and say, "now you know the rules and we will allow zero tolerance for breaking them so it will be on you if you do."

Women, if you didn't come forward until years later, too bad although I understand the reasons you probably didn't. You made your bed. We need to institute new policies that encourage women to tell their stories in a timely fashion and protect them if they do. We need to set penalties based on actual actions. What Franken has been accused of is not nearly as serious as what Roy Moore was alleged to have done...or even Donald Trump for that matter. And we need to set the same standard for all abusers - not a harsh one for Democrats and a tolerant one for Republicans. It shouldn't be that Dems admit what they did and apologize and get booted while Republicans deny everything and go on about their business.

I'm sorry, Ladies, if you think I'm not sufficiently sympathetic to your sad stories of groping or unwanted kisses 20 years ago. Hell, I was probably the subject of groping and unwanted kisses back then to. Life goes on.

We need to start from now and go from there.

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