Saturday, December 23, 2017

January 9, 2017 - Hurricane Donald Makes Landfall


We've all seen them interviewed. Those people, who as the meteorologists frantically warn of the storm of the century and authorities urgently advise everyone to evacuate, decide to simply hunker down instead. they believe it is all fake news. To them, scientists have no credibility and you certainly can't believe a word the government tells you. .

If they are still alive after the hurricane strikes, they are calling to be rescued from their rooftops, if they even still have roofs, or they are slopping around in hazardous waste-laden water up to their elbows. Curiously though, even then they don't back down and admit that they should have listened and got the hell out while there was still time.

This is what hard-core Trump supporters remind me of. We all watched as Hurricane Donald bore down on the U.S. During the campaign, we certainly got and abundance of portents of how shallow and vicious and corrupt and dishonest he was but, as the storm clouds swirled and the rains came, Trump supporters pooh-poohed it all.

Historians and legal scholars and professors and scientists warned us of how much damage he was capable of causing but we ignored them.

Now, it is a year later and Donald is still churning around in our atmosphere causing chaos and confusion. Most of the foundations of our democracy have been undermined - the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, the rule of law, egregious conflicts of interest in benefit of the Trump crime family, the White House itself turned into a particularly low-grade reality show. .

We've discovered why we need laws. Most of the time, traditions and customs are honored and so we think we are safe to rely on them but then the "storm of the century" comes along and the winds are higher and the waters are deeper than they've ever been before. We discover that traditions and customs don't provide protection enough to keep a rogue president in check. We need to build our political levees much higher now that we've seen how easily they can be breached.

Still, the Cult of Trump insists everything is better than ever. You can say, "but your house only has two walls and those two are covered in mold."

"That's Obama's fault," they insist, "Trump is going to fix it all."

And you may as well just agree and walk away. They don't live in the same world you do.

Incidentally, speaking of hurricanes, here's my prediction - I read that more and more Puerto Ricans are fleeing the aftermath of Maria and foreclosures are rampant. I bet the Fat Cats are buying up properties on the cheap even now. Eventually, luxury resorts will replace native Puerto Ricans and their homes and businesses and the new rich owners will expect praise for "bringing Puerto Rico back."

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