Saturday, December 16, 2017

Bizarro Trumplandia - Black is White and Up is Down


Yes - this is what it feels like to watch your country slowly circling the drain and feeling helpless to do anything about it. This is what it feels like to know that a significant minority of your fellow citizens have happily entered into Bizarro Trumplandia where up is down and black is white and Vladimir Putin is more trusted than our own law enforcement and intelligence services.

No one who is paying even minimal attention can deny that the Trump campaign/administration colluded with the Russians, then obstructed justice to cover it it. We now know about the many Russian contacts Trump officials lied about. We know from Don Junior's own emails that Russia offered dirt on Hillary and the Trumpies jumped at the chance to play ball. We now know that they were in league with WikiLeaks and getting advance notice of what would be dumped on the public. We know Russia had an advanced agenda of targeted fake news and social media hacks to sway the results of our election. We know Trump wanted to lift the sanctions on the Russians from Day One but Congress stopped it. We know that Trump refused to accept what all our intelligence services said was true and continues to love him some Vladimir.  We know that our government is doing absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening again in 2018 and 2020.

And we know that in Bizarro Trumplandia, the whole Russian investigation into the Trump administration is a hoax because it was really Hillary and Obama and the FBI and the CIA who were the guilty parties! Black is white and up is down!

We know we have to find out every single interaction between our President and Putin from the Russians. These aren't on Trump's official calendar. We don't know until the Russians tell us. It is only Russian interpreters who are invited to sit in, not Americans. When the president met with two Russians in the Oval Office, only a Russian photographer was allowed in, no America media. We got our pictures from the Russians. This was, incidentally, the meeting at which Trump revealed classified intelligence (originally from Israel) to the Russians.

This is what it feels like to see an authoritarian president undermine all the pillars of our democracy, one by one - the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department - and on to lesser institutions like the EPA, the Center for Disease Control, the Education Department, the Interior Dept, the National Parks Department.

Have you seen the video of one of Trump's nominees for federal court judge who could not answer the simplest questions? Here is Mr. Peterson . Four of the president's nominees have been judged unqualified by the American Bar Association. This is the kind of boobs Trump is packing our court's with despite his assertion that he is putting in "only the best people".

And of course, the media comes in for consistent trashing. In Bizarro Trumplandia, you can't trust our venerable old new agencies like the Washington Post, the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN or NBC. No. Only nutcase conspiracy sources like Info Wars and Breitbart and Gateway Pundit can be trusted to tell you the truth. Black is white and up is down.

And what a huge disappointment the Republicans have been. Some of them had a bit of backbone in the campaign but now they've all seem to have tiptoed into Bizarro Trumplandia themselves. They are buying the story about the FBI and Robert Mueller being in cahoots in a biased investigation. Despite the praise they heaped on Mueller back at the beginning, they are singing a different tune now and it seems likely they will be willing to rubber stamp whatever Trump decides to do. Fire Mueller, for instance.

I guess this is all in service of their precious tax plan which looks as though it will pass. That has to be about donors (which, in fact, they've admitted publicly) because it certainly isn't about doing anything for the American working class, since the bulk of of the cuts go to wealthy Americans and corporations. The Republicans have these twin obsessions - tax cuts for the rich and repealing Obamacare. Both of those bills have proven to be extremely unpopular but the Republicans don't care about their constituents, they are forging ahead anyway. I think many of the old bull Republicans are looking toward retirement in this vicious Washington environment and simply want to take the money and run.

In Trumplandia, the president is little short of a God. I had a debate with a Facebook friend about her 401K which she said has increased tremendously under Trump. I said, "well, it must have increased tremendously under Obama too then, since the stock market tripled under his watch." But she absolutely wouldn't hear it and insisted it didn't begin going up until Trump took over. Black is white and up is down.

And so I watch despairingly. I have cancer. My hope is to live until this Trumplandia fever dream has run its course and my country is back on the right track again.

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