Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Needed: A Hero

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Well, get ready, Folks. According to all the far-right websites, Antifa (or maybe it's Black Lives Matter or maybe both) are going to start the revolution on Saturday, November 4th, only a few days away.

And the Righty's are positively gleeful about the prospect. They can hardly wait.

Some of their comments:

"Bring it on!"

"Finally, we'll get to kill some of those commie bastards!"

"Locked and loaded!"

"The streets will run red with liberal blood!"

Of course, I went to the websites of both Antifa and Black Lives Matter and I didn't see anything about revolution. They may be planning protests but why is this any different than White Nationalists and Nazis having protests in Charlottesville, Tennessee and Florida?

I have a couple of guns - a pistol and a Glock. I have high capacity magazines for the Glock but I doubt either is the weapon you'd choose for staving off a full-fledged revolution. I don't think I'd ever shoot anyone unless they actually broke into my house. I don't expect that to happen in Wabash, Indiana.

I never know on websites, such as The Deplorables, whether the people making such vile comments are really Americans or Russian bots trying to sow hatred and division among us. If it is mostly Russians, they are sure doing a  hell of a good job. You can almost see and smell and touch the hatred that oozes from these sites.

But no doubt many of them are Americans. Do they really think revolution would be fun? Do they really think bleeding bodies of fellow Americans would be cool to see? Do they really think this is the natural result they wanted when they bought all those guns?

What do they see as the end game? Do they honestly believe they can wipe out all us liberals or at least decimate us enough that we'd have no power to fight them so they could rule America as they please?  Donald Trump - Dear Leader for Life?

What we really need right now is a hero. A Franklin Roosevelt, a Bobby Kennedy, a Martin Luther King, Jr, a Nelson Mandela, a Ghandi. Obama tried to be that hero but the other side wasn't having any. This country that I thought was making progress obviously isn't ready for a Black or a female president. We crucify the first and turn the other into an evil witch.

I can't even imagine where we'd find a man with the integrity and powers of persuasion and eloquence and honor to be our hero. I don't see the man who can bring us together under the banner of American ideals anywhere on the horizon but I hope he's out there.

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