Friday, October 20, 2017

What Is A Libtard?

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I honestly used to think I was a moderate Democrat. I hardly ever voted a straight ticket. Some of my best friends were Republicans.

But since I've been on Facebook and read many of the conservative sites and debate with some of the commenters, I now realize that I am a fascist, communists, socialist, American-hating, treasonous libtard.

This is in spite of that fact that this is how I feel about some the issues that trigger them:

Guns - I have loaded guns in my house. I support the Second Amendment. I have never wanted to confiscate everyone's guns and I don't know anyone else who does either. Having said that, I support certain commonsense gun laws in the hope they might lessen the carnage in America's streets. Background checks for every gun sale. Ban bump stocks and high capacity magazines. Try to keep the mentally ill and perpetrators of violent crime from purchasing guns. Things like that. I see these as compromises, a middle ground, a moderate position if you will.

Free Speech - I believe that universities should be forums for every kind of thought (even high schools, for that matter). I think by the time you are college age, you should be able to listen quietly to every kind of opinion, even those you passionately disagree with. If you think you are not tough enough to listen to Milo Yiannopolous, then skip that particular convocation. Ditto, if Whoopi Goldberg makes you see red. It seems to be mostly more liberal-oriented colleges that get in trouble for booking controversial speakers. On the other hand, I wonder how many "free-thinkers" Liberty University makes available to their students?

Abortion - I am not for abortion on demand at all stages of pregnancy and none of my friends are either. I think the Supreme Court got it about right in distinguishing between trimesters. Anything goes the first three months; society has a right to question your reason the second three months and there must be significant problems the final three months.

I always ask: if your house was on fire and you had a fertilized egg in a petri dish in the frig and a 2-year-old asleep in its' crib, would you even have to give a moment's thought as to which one to save. If you say, you would, I'll say you're lying. A zygote is not the same as a baby.

Hunting . I have nothing against hunting. My own stipulation would be that we monitor it enough to maintain an ecological balance. I don't even care if you don't mean to use it as food.. I assume there are many hungry mouths in the wild. A coyote mother feeding her cubs is more righteous than a hunter who wants to hang a head on his wall. Oops, I think that was a liberal thing to say.

Flags/Anthem - I've got nothing against the flag or the anthem but I don't think either a song or a piece of cloth represent America. It is our principles and values that represent our country. Protest is as American as apple pie, even when you disagree with it.

Religion - Christianity doesn't make me cry and neither does Islam although, in general, I think organized religion of all kinds has done more harm than good, especially radical religion. And I do believe conservative Christianity has gotten more and more radical.

Constitution/Patriotism - Really, you think the Constitution and Patriotism make me cry? So in other words, no one who disagree with the right can possibly be patriotic? Is that really what you think. Because if it is, you're a lunatic.

I think I am willing to compromise on all these issues. It is the right that won't do that. NO gun laws. NO abortion. NO gay marriage. NO taking a knee (what about the free speech you claim to revere?) NO disagreement with the president on any issue whatsoever. No disagreement with fundamentalist Christianity whatsoever. So it seems to me that it is the right that are the snowflakes since they are so rigidly locked into their beliefs and they don't allow anyone to deviate by such as an inch or they are designated a libtard.

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