Tuesday, October 10, 2017

One Thing In Common

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Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, a Catholic priest, Harvey Weinstein.

The latest case of a serial harasser is Harvey Weinstein and we're getting all twisted up about politics as we do about everything, even though politics has nothing to do with it. The right accuses the left and the media of not covering the story although it has been all over the print media and cable stations, including MSNBC, usually considered the most liberal network by conservatives.

Same thing with dear old Bill O'Reilly. The left said Fox and the right protected him and made excuses for him. In the end, both men lost their jobs.

Do you notice anything about these men? They are black and white, Democrat and Republican, religious and non-religious. What is it that they have in common? It's power.

There are a certain percentage of men who, given enough power, will harass and abuse women (and maybe children). I have no idea what that percentage is but is is significant. They are predators and they know how to make their stealthy way through the jungle of their professions though blackmail and intimidation.

Why don't the women tell sooner? Are you kidding me? Do you know what it feels like to be completely powerless before a powerful man who holds your future in his hands, especially when you are young and he's been through this same movie 1,000 time and knows all the right things to say and do? Want a career as an actress, better play ball with old Harv.

Do you know what kind of shit a woman gets who tells on an important man? She's accused of lying. She's called names like slut and tramp. She wanted it, don't you know? Do you know how much courage it took to be the first one to accuse Beloved Old Bill Cosby? Or a freaking president? Or a billionaire real estate developer? Or a cable news star? Or the moral arbiter of your church?

Why didn't other people tell if they knew what was going on? If you're going to call a rich, famous man a predator, you'd better make damn sure you have the goods on him. You can't simply go to the other honchos or the prosecutor and say, "I've heard rumors." They'd laugh you out the door.

Some people tell on themselves and we still don't want to listen. Trump told us in front of God and everybody that he was a serial assaulter but the very women who are now raising hell about Harvey Weinstein's victims not telling, chose to disbelieve Trump's own words as just boastful locker room talk. We knew and we elected him president so forgive me if I can excuse the women who think it is safer to shut the fuck up when they are dealing with a powerful man.

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