Monday, September 18, 2017

There's a Mountain Straight Ahead

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This is how I feel talking to Trump supporters. I say, "wow, look at that mountain right in front of us!" and they say, "what mountain. I don't see any mountain."

I'm flabbergasted. "Huh, it's right there ahead of us. If we keep going forward, we'll run right into it..

And they say, "nope, no mountain there."

"But its got trees partway up the sides and there snow is on the peak."

"You're spreading false news about a mountain that isn't there.

And at that point you might as well give up. They will never admit to the presence of a mountain.

I'm talking about a mountain of evidence, of course. Evidence regarding the myriad conflicts of interest that allow Trump to turn the White House into his own personal gravy train. The millions he makes off Mar-a-Lago (which doubled its membership fees from $100,000 to $200,000 when he became president). We pay him for the rooms, the food, the golf carts.the security, the travel. And he won't release his list of visitors even though, we the taxpayers are paying for them.

And his golf resort at Westminster. And Trump Tower and the way he parlays the Old Postal Hotel in Washington into the in place for politicians and diplomats who want to curry favor with the president.

And the mountain of evidence about the Trump campaign and administration that show he cheated on the American people with his paramour, Vladimir Putin. The hundreds of time they all lied about contacts with the Russians. Jared's meetings with a Russian banker. The meeting that they first said included only Jared, Don Jr, Paul Manafort and two Russians who only talked about Russian adoptions. Later, when the emails were released, it was made clear that it was the Trump three plus five Russians, all with connections to the Putin regime, and that the meeting was called to share dirt on Hillary in Russia's effort to help Trump win the election. - to which Don Jr responded: "I love it!"

And the evidence of hiring a foreign agent collecting money from several foreign entities as the National Security Adviser, then allowing  him to stay on for 16 days, attending classified meetings, after they'd been warned that he had been compromised by the Russians. (This is a situation the Vice-President lied  and lied about).

And the secret meeting in the Oval Office at which only a Russian photographer was present as Trump revealed classified information we'd received from Israel and called James Comey a nutjob.

And Trump's efforts to shut down the Russia investigation by first asking Comey to let it go and then, firing him when he wouldn't, even going so far as to admit his rationale on television.

I could pile up an actual mountain of paperwork describing all of Trump's transgressions but what good would it do. His supporters would look at it and say, "what mountain. I don't see any mountain."

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