Monday, July 31, 2017

Was This Your Vision of a Great America?

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I often wondered when I heard Trump supporters talk about "taking their country back" or "making America great again" what they had in mind. They must have had a vision of an America they hoped to see. What did that vision look like? Was it the 1950's only with everyone carrying guns? Is what we have now it?  Did they hate their own government so much, they just wanted to blow it up and replace the old order with chaos? Are they satisfied that Donald Trump has given them what they wanted?

Did they really believe his extravagant promises? Did they truly believe that we would build a giant wall on our southern border that Mexico would pay for? Or that he would repeal and replace Obamacare on Day One....or maybe just repeal....or maybe just replace. Did they believe a Muslim ban would pass constitutional muster? Did they really believe he'd be a better friend to African Americans and Latinos and women and LBGT Americans than Hillary or did they secretly think that was a promise he never meant to keep? Did they really believe we'd actually win so much we'd get tired of winning?

There is nothing about Trump that is a surprise. He's always been who he is. We knew he was a pathological liar beginning way back with the birther theory before he ever announced his candidacy for president. He would say anything to undermine an opponent, such as that Hillary and Obama were responsible for ISIS, that Ted Cruz' father was part of the Kennedy assassination. Do Trump supporters not mind having a president who can't be trusted to tell them the truth?

We've always known Trump is vicious. Politics ain't beanbag, as they say but Trump's specialty is hitting below the belt. Saying, "who would vote for a face like that?" about Carly Fiorina. Little Marco - Low Energy Jeb - Crooked Hillary.

And his meanness has continued in his White House. He appears to enjoy humiliating his staff. He seems to get his kicks from sapping every bit of pride and dignity from the people around him - Jeff Sessions, Reince Preibus, Sean Spicer. A typical example of Trump's venality - Sean Spicer went on the trip to the Vatican. He is a devout Catholic and it was the dream of his life to meet the Pope but Trump forbid him from that meeting.

Then he hired a new Communications Director is a cruel little Mini-Me. I personally think it was all a set up. Scaramouche was set to go to the Ex-Im Bank. Trump wanted Spicer and Preibus out but didn't want to wield the ax himself. So The Mooch says, "put me in, Coach, I'll do it for you. Gimme' 10 days." Mission Accomplished and Scaramouche is off to the Ex-Im Bank as originally scheduled. Yes, Trump is turning me into a conspiracy theorist.

Do Trump supporters like this kind of president with no respect for anyone but his family and himself?

Not only are Trump and the Mooch nasty but they are both coarse and crude and classless. Donald told us how he liked to grab women by the pussy because, don't you know, they'll let you do anything if you're a celebrity. Scaramouche told us that he wasn't trying to "suck his own cock." I'm not prudish about cussing. My husband was a Vietnam veteran and he definitely cursed, as I do myself but both of us when it was tolerable and when it wasn't.

Is this what you want from your White House? Really?

Did you like the ideas that your president would betray our allies and defend our enemies? Oh, that Saudi Arabia, such a great nation. And we love us some tin pot dictators who kill their own people at the drop of a hat. Of course, no one can compare to our good buddy, good pal, Vlad, with whom Trump is so enamored tht even a Republican congress felt the need to restrict his ability to pull back Russian sanctions.

Do you really want a president who has screwed over practically everyone he's come in contact with from contractors to investors to employees, to student and now to taxpayers because he had more power and money than they did? Is this what constitutes being a strong leader, a macho man, in your world? Stick it them before they can stick it to you?

So, Trump supporters, when you daydreamed about how wonderful it was gong to be if he was our president, is this what you had in mind?

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