Friday, July 7, 2017

The Deplorables

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The Deplorables - someone signed me up to this group (click on the link if you want to see in more detail what they are about.) I think one of my conservative friends did it for a prank because they knew how disgusted I would be. And, yep, disgusted is a good word. So is sickened, shocked and horrified. They are Donald Trump supporters, of course - of the "he can do no wrong because he was chosen by god to be our president" variety.

They revel in being Deplorables. They vie with one another to see who can post the most vicious, vilest memes. Someone peeing in Hillary Clinton's mouth. Obama getting screwed in the butt.  A picture of Michelle supposedly trying to cover her penis. (You know she's really a man, don't you?) Naturally, they don't call them Obama and Hillary but Ovomit and Oblowjob and Obummer and Shrillary and Killary. POS, for Piece of Shit, works for both of them.

They think grossness is hilarious. You wonder if they are all 13-year-olds. Their humor isn't even sophisticated enough to be sophomoric. Among all of them there isn't a drop of subtlety or grace.

They bought into the Obama isn't really an American but a Kenyan Muslim traitor, hook line and sinker. Even when Trump himself finally gave up on the Birther theory, they kept believing because they saw that twinkle in his eye that said he didn't really mean it.

They are obsessed with the Clintons and the Obamas. The Deplorables trade in hate. They think the C's and the O's are traitors who should be locked up in Guantanamo for life. Or no, maybe burning them at the stake would be better. Their kids too. Most of them also hate immigrants and Muslims and minorities and gays and refugees and poor people. I doubt if they could even define mercy.

There is no sense trying to have a discussion with them. They know what they know and that's all they want to know. If you ask them to explain something, they ignore you. If you don't already believe what they believe, you're probably too stupid to understand anyway because you're just a moronic libtard.

My biggest question about The Deplorables is who are they and where have they been all my life? I'm 70. I've lived all around the country and worked all kinds of jobs - factory, bartender, office, salesperson. I never met people like this. Oh, there was the occasional asshole but even they weren't consistently this coarse and crude. Was it the internet that allowed them to "come out" as who they really are? Are they teachers and preachers and cooks and car salesmen? Are they parents and grandparents? Scary thought.

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