Sunday, January 1, 2017

Women, You Screwed Up Big League This Time

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Don't you find it ironic that Hillary made a comment about half of Donald Trump's followers being deplorable and oh, the outrage! It became a hashtag. It became a logo on teeshirts. Trump fans took up the label proudly. They liked being deplorables, following their deplorable savior.

But Trump called women fat pigs, and slobs and dogs. He denigrated them for their body size. He engaged in "locker room talk" about how because he was a celebrity, he could do anything to them, even grab them by their pussies. And the reaction was sort of ho-hum. "Hey," his son, Eric, said, "he's an alpha male and that's what they do".

Amazingly, even lots of women bought that scenario and now we are where we are, facing the loss of Roe V Wade, and women getting free birth control (although the R's say they are opposed to abortion so how does that make sense?) and poor women losing the services of Planned Parenthood from which many of them get their main healthcare. And I expect equal pay will go by the wayside. Not to mention all the programs that help both women and their men - minimum wage increase, over-time pay. If fact, it looks like Trump's new Secretary of Labor will go much further than that in diminishing worker's rights.

And sex education will probably return to abstinence only and the girls who get pregnant as a result will find cuts in programs, like food stamps, that help them support those babies.

Jesus, Women, were you not paying any freaking attention at all?

I worked in the first women's program in my county. I wore a beeper 24 hours a day and took women to safe houses. Nine times out of ten when I called to check up on them, they'd gone home....back to the man who given the black eyes and broken bones they'd been sporting when I saw them last.

And the women who voted for Trump remind of those women. He's their man, through thick and thin. No matter what harm he does to them, they come crawling back for more. He can beat them, cheat on them and molest their children but they still look at him with adoring eyes. They can justify his most abhorrent actions.

"Oh," some of my Trump-voting friends told me, "you take him too seriously?"

"Really?" I asked, "how do I know what parts to take seriously and which parts not to?"

Do you think he really means to nominate the kinds of Supreme Court justices he promised to nominate? We know he already has one pick right off the bat and he may get two or three more. If the SC tilts that far to the right, do you think that means the end of Roe v Wade?

Do you think he was serious when he nominated a joke for a Secretary of Energy? Do you think he was serious when he nominated an anti-labor Secretary of Labor? Do you think he was serious when he nominated a Secretary of Education who hates public education? Do you think he was serious when he nominated a Head of EPA who detests the EPA? Do you think he was serious when he nominated a Secretary of State who is one of Putin's pals? Do you think he was serious when he nominated a conspiracy theorist as his National Security Adviser? Do you think he was serious when he nominated a Health and Human Services head who wants to repeal Obamacare and privatize medicare and medicaid?

Can you tell me which of these were "serious" and which weren't?

He's nominated two women in important roles. Nikki Haley for the U.N. but since he now says, he wants to defund the UN, this could be a short term position. And Betsy DeVos at the Department of Education, a multi-billionaire who donated millions to his campaign. The rest of the women I can think of are former Fox News bobbleheads. Oh, except for Kellyanne Conway, of course. She legitimately got her importance through performance. She may have had to sell her soul to the devil to do it but it worked.

So, Women, you are always your own worst enemy. You never present a united front. Some of you are always sycophants who collude with the men against your own sex.

And this time you did it big league.

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