Saturday, January 14, 2017

What Went Around Is Coming Around.

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I've seen so many pleas since this election to just let it go. Accept the way it is. Give Donald Trump a chance. We need to come together. Can't you just move on?

Well, actually, no, I can't. Do these very same people who are asking this of me now not remember all the times they called Obama names like Obummer and Bobo and Michelle, Moochelle? Do they not remember telling me and others that Obama was a Muslim, not even an American (first among them, their own president-elect), hell-bent to destroy America? Do they not remember all their vile posts on Facebook - Obama as an African witch doctor, Michelle as a chimpanzee?

Did they never think that eventually their viciousness might come around to bite them? They have their president now and whatever happens is on them. I think he will be a disaster. I think he is an egomaniac who cares for no one but himself. I think he is a bombthrower who will happily uproot every tradition our democracy has cherished for over two hundred years. I think he is a sexist who debases women. Kellyanne Conway may think she's won but he's debased her too. I think he is a racist. But I don't think these are the attitudes that drive him. Honestly, I don't think he respects anyone who isn't as rich and powerful as he is himself, regardless of gender or ethnic background. I think he sees people like those in his new cabinet as the elites above, living in America's penthouses, so to speak, and the rest of us as peons.

I think he would sell out this whole country for his own self-aggrandizement and maybe he already has.

I don't believe he has a moral core. That part of his soul is just air blowing in a wasteland.

Well, the election is over and he will be President and I don't think any of us really knows what will happen next, not even his true believers.

But that doesn't mean I have to like it. It doesn't mean I have to shut up about it. It doesn't mean I won't rub it in if I can. It doesn't mean I won't call him names, like the Obama haters did. Don the Con is my favorite right now but that may change.

And I'm not usually that way. I didn't care for Bush but I didn't try to de-legitimize him or undermine him even when I vehemently disagreed with his policies (although his election too was not on the up-and-up and he lost the popular vote.) Still, I did accept him as the president. I didn't called him names. I wasn't nasty about a good woman like Laura Bush or the Bush twins. I had a line of criticism below which I would not fall.

After going through eight years of Obama Derangement Syndrome and seeing all the poisonous things said about Hillary during the campaign, that line has disappeared. I will go as low as I think I need to go.

As terrified for my country as I am of Trump, I am equally horrified by the Republicans who finally have all the naked power they always wanted. Almost no one really wants them to repeal Obamacare. Only 18 percent of Americans do. The medical community has begged them not to do it. The insurance industry has begged them not to do it. They haven't a clue what to do about replacing the ACA but they are so driven by their hate-lust that they can't help themselves.

I thought holding a Supreme Court seat open for a year was beyond the pale but this is what Republicans do when they can. There's no thought for the country's welfare but only their own. And McConnell dares to tell us the American people won't tolerate the Dems refusing to nominate a Supreme Court Justice. Are you freaking kidding me, Mr Hypocrisy?

The very first night of their new term, they tried to do away with the Ethics Committee. How blatant is that? They were forced to retreat but does anyone doubt they'll keep trying when we're not watching so closely. Now when head of the Ethics Counsel for the executive branch declares that Trump's resolution of his conflict of interest problem is not acceptable, they call HIM to a panel to explain himself. The oh-so-pure Mr. Chaffetz, who would hound Hillary unto infinity over Benghazi, is upset with the Counsel instead of the soon-to-be president with so many conflicts of interest no one can even begin to keep track, especially since he reneged on revealing his taxes, after he promised he would.

For myself, as a Democrat, I want my party to fight Trump and the Republicans every step of the way, I want the repeal of, and replacement of, to be a 100% Republican effort. Don't help them with anything.

Everyone always acts as if the Democrats are the nice party. We'll always fall in line. We'll help anyway we can if it will be good for the people. We'll accept the people's judgment (except Trump wasn't the people's judgement was he?) We won't throw around phrases like Libtards and Dumbocrats.

Karma can be a bitch and I'm tired of being the nice one.

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