Saturday, January 7, 2017

A President Elected By Russia

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All the reporters and pundits make sure, when they are telling us about the Russian hacking, to insist that there's no proof that it impacted the election. They rush to assure us that despite Russia's influence, the election is a done deal and Trump will be our new president. Even politicians on the left echo the same. "We're not trying to de-legitimize the election, heaven forbid!"

Bullshit! They are all lying. Of course, Russia's actions impacted the election! Only Trump's most besotted fanatics believe it didn't impact the election.

 Day after day, Hillary had to face stolen emails dumped into the campaign. Day after day, Trump harped on the WikiLeaks revelations that weren't so revelatory. They were mostly just the mundane, everyday, sometimes petty and spiteful e-mails of a typical campaign. My guess is that the RNC's own communications would have been much juicier. But to Trump, they were like manna from heaven, a constant flow of information to mischaracterize Hillary the Crooked.

And then, there were the fake news stories, also, we now know, planted by the Russians. She was practically on death's door; she sold weapons to ISIS, blah, blah, blah - it was a stream of sludge and muck on the internet and the front pages of the National Enquirer.

Prior to this election, I would have thought there wasn't 10 percent of the American people who could drink enough conservative koolaid to believe this kind of totally unbelievable nonsense but it's funny what hate can do. There was a huge group of people who hated Hillary so much, they were willing to believe anything negative about her.

Including Putin himself, who blamed her for saying, back in 2011 when she was Secretary of State, that his own election was "rigged", an assessment with which every poll watcher agreed, along with tens of thousands of protesting Russians. (You can imagine what happened to them.)

According to our intelligence services, Putin set out with malice aforethought, first just to cast doubt on the election process and then, Hillary herself, if she became president. Later, he came to believe that he actually could make a real difference in helping Trump get elected....and he did. Afterwards, the Russian command shared high fives and cheers for contributing to getting their man in the White House.

So, why are our information-sharers lying to us? Because they are terrified of what would happen if it was recommended that the election results actually be overturned because of Russia's interference. Can you imagine the chaos and violence that would follow as crazed Trump supporters took to the streets. They'd be like babies having their candy taken away. It would very likely tear the system apart.

But the pundits and pols know that good old liberals, they'll swallow their bitter medicine in the name of peace and citizenship, just as we did back in 2000. Like kids giving into the schoolyard bully, we just shrugged our shoulders and let the process go forward, unfair as it was. "Oh, let them have their way because they'll cause so much trouble if we don't". And the right learned a lesson from that: if you push us hard enough, we'll cave.

And they are counting on us to do the same thing now in the face of a president elected by one of our worst enemies. And Trump, naturally, insists none of this is true, despite the overwhelming evidence offered by all the intelligence agencies, not his good buddy, good pal, Vlad. And we don't know why Trump is so enthralled with Putin. Maybe if we'd seen his taxes, we'd know. Maybe if we knew how much he owed Russian bankers and Russian businesses, we'd be able to understand the appeal. Maybe it's simply hero worship on Trump's part. Maybe it's a quid pro quo - "you help me get elected and I'll drop the sanctions against you".

Well, I'm sick of liberal pussyfooting. I'm sick of always being the good guy and letting the assholes have their way because they'll throw themselves on the floor and hold their breath until they turn blue otherwise. This is many degrees of seriousness beyond 2000. That was vicious politics. This is letting an enemy foreign power pick our president for us. It is unacceptable.

So, I'll say it. This election was not legitimate. It should be overturned. We should start all over.

Let the chips fall where they may.


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