Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yes, Little Girl, You Should Be Mad

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My grandmother had an abortion in the 20's and almost bled to death.

My mother, who worked for the Department of Defense, took a class with military elites. She got the highest grade in the class but the honchos called her in and said she would certainly understand that they couldn't admit that a female civilian outscored their officers. When the press release came out, they gave a general credit for the highest score.

In my teenage years, us girls knew where to go for an abortion. A friend's mother did it with a knitting needle.

I worked as interim Personnel Manager for six months when my boss quit. Everything went smoothly so I asked the Plant Manager if I could have the job permanently (it paid exactly twice as much as I made) but he said, "oh, no, our people would never accept a woman in that position."

I could go on.....and on....and on.

Since the election, I've received faux sympathy from right-wing Facebook friends who advised me to get a coloring book and some crayons to take to my "safe place". They've asked me if I wanted cheese with my "whine". They've offered to send tissues to dry my tears.

But they have it wrong. I'm not sad, I'm angry.

It seems to me as if God or fate or whoever you want to blame said directly to us women - "you think you've made such progress toward equality. Well, I'm going to show you just how far you haven't come. I'm going to find the most accomplished woman I can, a woman who has spent her whole life in public service, a woman who works her butt off, a woman who is is exceedingly bright. She will campaign on loving one another and bringing people together.

To run against her, I will find a completely inexperienced man, a blowhard, a man whose never done anything that wouldn't benefit himself, a liar, a corrupt man who cheats everyone he comes in contact with. A man whose campaign pushes hatred and division.

Could ever a competition be more stark than this one? But hide and watch, bitches, and see who wins, proving that the best woman isn't as good as the worst man. And to add insult to injury, it will be your "sisters" (ha!ha!) who will pound the final nail in her coffin.

So, yes, Little Girl, you should be mad at all of us who betrayed you. Maybe by the time you grow up, things will have changed but don't bet on it. We seem to be going backwards rather than forward.


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