Saturday, December 24, 2016

What Do Trees Have To Do With Christmas?

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What do trees have to do with Christmas? What does Jesus have to do with Christmas?  What does Santa have to do with Christmas?  What do presents have to do with Christmas?

The answer is: they are all part of this joyous conglomeration of rituals we celebrate as Christmas. The holiday does not belong to any one religion. It is free for everyone who wants to join in its spirit of love.

If Christ is the reason for your season, that's wonderful. Pray for your loved ones' happiness. Put up a manger scene. Go to church. But be pleased for anyone else who gets pleasure from this holiday even if their ways are not your ways. We don't all have to do it the same.

When my son was in elementary school, there was one little Jewish girl in his class (maybe the whole school). Yes, she got the holiday off. What would expect her to do? Go to school by herself? And yes, her family had a Christmas tree and she came back to school excited to tell about the presents she received.

So Ms. Christian, she may not have believed the same as you but she still entered into the loving spirit of the season. Hurray for her family.

It doesn't matter how people greet you. You're taking exactly the wrong thing from what Christmas is supposed to represent if you get offended by someone telling you Happy Holidays. Just be grateful someone cared enough to give you a wish for happiness at all. You people who complain about Happy Holidays remind me of that old saying - "he'd bitch if they hung him with a new rope."

If God is real, who do you think he will judge most harshly - the person who takes a moment to wish another Season's Greetings or the person who snarls at them in return?

So, please, let's just all appreciate Christmas in whatever way is most meaningful for us and let others do the same.

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