Sunday, November 6, 2016

How Will We Ever Move On?

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This will be the last blog I write until after election day. (I think so, anyway, barring some catastrophic event, which the way things have been going, could happen.) Thank God...because I feel as if I'm running on empty when it comes to politics these days.

The fact is, I'm exhausted by it. I already voted for Hillary and now it is just a matter of waiting for it to be over. I've made a conscious decision to watch less news and spend less time on Facebook. I refuse to believe any screaming headlines I read, on either side, for the duration.  If you haven't heard enough about and from both candidates to make up your mind by now, then you are hopeless and your vote probably won't matter much one way or the other.

I'm 70 and I've never experienced an election like this one. The nastiness of all previous elections were Sunday School compared to 2016. It's been like standing out in a sludge fall until you're covered with slime and stink.

Awful accusations rain down - sexual predators and racists and White Nationalists and Klansmen and pedophile rings and rape and murder. (The latest count I saw for Hillary was 121 "suspicious deaths" attributed to her). And beyond all that, are allegations of treason and potential indictments and arrests and playing hanky pank with Vladimir Putin. And we've had to deal with charges of Russian hacking and gushers of WikiLeaks. Can we really put our faith in Russia and/or Julian Assange? I guess it all depends on who your favored candidate is. We're told our elections are "rigged" so we won't be able to trust the results even when its over.

Then at the last, the F.B.I. gets itself involved in putting its thumb on the political scale. I'm just struck dumb by this. I never especially liked James Comey. I thought he found a way to make Hillary look bad even without filing charges by having his press conference but it wasn't so obvious, he couldn't get away with it. "My integrity made me do it". Uh huh. But his cryptic letter last week to Congress regarding more e-mails on Anthony Weiner's computer was ridiculous considering he didn't really have anything enlightening to report. Now, he's exonerated her two days before the election when half the country has already voted. Thanks, a lot, Director. So much for F.B.I. neutrality.

In the meantime, Trump and Giuliani have been out running their mouths in the most reckless way imaginable with no evidence whatsoever.

It all just makes me want to hang my head for my country. I'm not sure how we'll ever get over this. We're going to left with a residue of hate for one another that will take a very long time to overcome.


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