Wednesday, September 28, 2016

High School Deja Vu

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I took a nap so I'd be sure to be able to stay up for the debate and the post-debate analysis. I was hugely interested in what transpired between the two of them. I figured this debate had the potential to change the course of the election, depending on how it went. In my heart, I figured Hillary would win going away if it came down to being prepared and being cool, calm and collected and having a presidential demeanor. But, as we know from past experience, these virtues don't always rule the day when it comes to Donald Trump. He beat 16 opponents in the Republican primaries who were prepared and cool, calm and collected. So that made me nervous.

Here are just some things that struck me. It isn't an exhaustive list and it's not in any particular order, just some after-thoughts I was left with when it was over.

1) Lester Holt asked Trump how he felt about Obama possibly changing America's current posture on whether we would rule out a "first-strike" for using nuclear weapons. Trump seemed to not have a clue what he was talking about. He first said, we'd never resort to a first-strike but then said, on the other hand, that he would take nothing off the table. Was that a yes or a no? I couldn't tell. I found it stunning that someone who has been running for president for so long hadn't made himself intimately familiar with probably the most important responsibility a president has - the nuclear option.

2) He said rooting for a housing collapse was just good business on the part of a real estate man. Forget how losing their homes would affect millions of families in a heartbreaking way. I guess this is that businessman mentality we need in a president.

3) He said it was smart not to pay any taxes if you could get away with it....and billionaires usually can get away with it. Reminded me of Leona Helmsly, the Queen of Mean, who said "only little people pay taxes".

He said maybe all those employees and small businesses he refused to pay in full after they did work for him deserved it because they "didn't do a good job".  And of course, he almost always wins these types of case because he has the money to keep them in court forever.

4) He once again said we should have taken Iraq's oil - which back in the era of Genghis Khan would have been normal but in the 2000's would be a war crime.

5) He once again tried to protect Vladimir Putin against the charge issued by the FBI with "high confidence" that Russia is hacking our government websites. Hey, it could have been a 400 pound man on a bed! Or it could be Donald's own 10-year-old son who is amazing with computers. But surely not Donald's old buddy, Vlad.

6) He said he couldn't release his taxes as he was under audit which isn't true, as the IRS has stated, so then he said he'd release his taxes when Hillary released her e-mails. But he'd also said that he'd release his taxes when Obama released his birth certificate. The president did release his birth certificate but Trump never released his taxes.

7) And speaking of Obama's birth certificate, Trump denied that he'd kept the birther myth alive long after Obama presented it, but that wasn't true. He never accepted Obama's place of birth until recently and even then he wasn't very convincing. He made it sound as if "okay, I'm going to say this to get it over with but I don't really believe it".

8) He justified calling Miss Universe, Alicia Mercado, Miss Piggy because she'd gained weight and Miss Housekeeping because she was Latina because, my God, she'd gained weight, and we all know how women lose all value if they get fat...although it is obviously fine for men, Donald not being exactly sleek and slim in his old age. And besides that - Rosie O'Donnell, who deserved everything she got! Huh?

9) He repeated that he still doesn't think Hillary has "the look" to be president but maybe that sounded a little too sexist, even for him, so he switched to stamina, wink, wink - because women are the weaker sex, don't you know?

10) He said he would re-institute "stop and frisk" in big cities and confiscate guns that were found. You'd think this would send the N.R.A. berserk but maybe not so much, since it would mostly happen to Blacks and Hispanics.

11) Fact-checkers found that Trump lied or mis-stated facts 34 times during the debate. The count was 4 for Hillary. He said Ford was moving jobs to Mexico. Ford responded instantly, saying they were moving their small car production to Mexico but no American jobs would be lost

He said "stop and frisk" wasn't determined to be unconstitutional. It was. He said crime went up when the "stop and frisk" program was ended by Mayor DeBlasio. It didn't. He said he was opposed to the Iraq War from the beginning. Video of him shows that he wasn't. He said that he was opposed to America's actions in Libya. Video shows that he was all for deposing Quaddafi. He said Hillary had been trying to get rid of ISIS her whole life which is patently ridiculous.

12) He interrupted Hillary constantly. He talked over her. He interjected words like "Wrong!" and "False!". He sniffed. My God, if Hillary had sniffed as much as him, the right-wing would have had her going directly from the debate to Intensive Care! He made gargoyle faces whenever he wasn't speaking.

When it was over, I was ecstatic. I thought Hillary won "bigly" and most rational analysts seemed to agree. The scientific polls agreed. Those on-line polls where people can sit and vote and vote are totally useless but Trump trumpeted them. Of course, he thought he won EVEN THOUGH he had to endure a microphone conspiracy and a moderator conspiracy and a Hillary wearing an earpiece conspiracy! And he said Hillary was mean. Think how majorly he'd have triumphed if it hadn't been for all those strikes against him!

It is still hard to predict this election because the presence and success of Donald Trump had turned it totally weird. This election makes me feel like I'm back in high school. She stays up all night studying and gets an A; he plays around and throws something together at the last minute and gets a D. She organizes the Science Fair; he plays football. She serious; he's clownish. He gets elected Senior Class president.

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