Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hey, Mr Republican, Are You A Cuck?

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Finally, after decades of living in the shadows, of being excoriated on all sides, of being exiled to ultra-right conservative websites, the so-called Alt-Right has found itself a champion to bring them into the mainstream. Who would have dreamed it would be an American candidate for president who would give them more legitimacy than they have ever had before?

I don't think they admire Trump quite as much as they do Vladimir Putin, who after all, makes sure Russia remains all all-white nation, but he is sure better than any other potential president in recent times....or maybe ever.

The alt-right is a conglomeration of groups, really, but they all share a similar philosophy of white nationalism and a hatred of  "others" and by others, they mean anyone who isn't lily-white. They despise African-Americans, whom they believe are the least intelligent of the various races (with Latinos next to them at the bottom). They detest Muslims and most of all, they loathe Jews. They would like to turn America into an all-white nation, by expelling (or killing?) everyone else.  They have no fear of talking about things like gas chambers and cattle cars in polite conversation.

The alt-right is sexist too but I suppose they don't want to ban women, seeing as how they have their necessary long as they know their places.

They have taken Pepe the Frog as their avatar. They say they like his smug willingness to tell the "truth". Roger Stone (Donald Trump's friend and adviser) as well as his son, Don Jr., both re-tweeted The Deplorables, see above, from an alt-right website.

"Oh, gee," said Young Donald, "I had no clue that the frog was an alt-right symbol." (His father claimed the same ignorance). Really? Did you not wonder who in the heck that frog was there between you and Rudy Giuliani? Weren't you curious enough to question what it represented?

This is all rather strange considering that Stephen K Bannon, the CEO of his father's campaign is the former head of Breitbart, considered the official platform of the alt-right (though privately, a lot of the alt-right consider Bannon a little squishy). You'd think Bannon would inform the Trumps of such elementary information, wouldn't you?

One of the alt-right's favorite put-downs is calling someone a "cuckservative" or just cuck, for short. A cuck represents an emasculated Republican conservative. In other words, they are gutless conservatives without balls enough to take alt-right positions.

This is your candidate, Republicans, or cucks as the alt-right calls you. Makes you proud, doesn't it?

If you want to know more about what the alt-right represents, I recommend reading this article in this link.

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