Saturday, September 24, 2016

Can We Sink Any Lower?

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Cute, huh?

Just today I have seen headlines on Facebook telling me that Obama took a knee in honor of Colin Kaepernick during the National Anthem. Not true.

And that he had ordered the Secret Service not to let the press get close to Donald Trump. Not True.

And that he has banned "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Not only that, he's banned the Pledge of Allegiance altogether! Not true.

(And we're coming up on the holidays so can the "there is no Christmas tree in the White House" or "he's forbidden White House staff to say Merry Christmas accusations be far behind?)

I've read in recent posts that Hillary may have Multiple Sclerosis or maybe it's Parkinson's or maybe a brain tumor. Who knows? It's something severe though. And those times you see her looking good. Why, that's her body double.

The majority of Republicans still believe Obama is not an American, despite Donald Trump's oh-so-sincere take back of his long-held belief that the President was born in Kenya. They wink at one another. "It's just Donald trying to change the subject, don't take it seriously."

Many of them still believe Hillary and Bill are are serial killers, guilty not just of a couple murders but lots of them, God knows how many.

They believe the Obama/Clinton team literally want to destroy America and turn it over to the Muslim terrorists. Tell them about all the Muslim terrorists the U.S. has bombed how many of their leaders we've killed and they ignore it or deny it. It doesn't compute with their world view. They never explain exactly why they think the President and Hillary would want to do this

Things that were never an issue before are now matters of outrage. Rounds of golf, vacations, trips on Air Force One, clothing worn by presidential children, gowns worn by the First Lady which manage to be 1) way expensive designer dresses insulting to the American taxpayers who pay for them and at the very same time,  2) trashy, cheap "n" word shit.

Oh, I know, we liberals aren't above some crappy little memes about Trump too but I honestly believe we never sink quite as low as the Republicans. Our takedowns are usually satirical and they can be biting but they usually aren't just fucking ugly and stupid like the one above.

It never ceases to amaze me that people I like and respect and consider intelligent can fall for this lunacy. I've never hated anyone as viscerally as they hate Obama and Hillary. My only conclusion is that loathing that bone-deep simply perverts your thinking to such an extent that it becomes a form of psychosis.

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