Saturday, July 23, 2016

Donald Trump Comes To Bring Us Into the Light

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My God, after watching most of the Republican Convention last week, I wanted to say, "just shoot me" at the picture of this sad, pathetic thing our country has evidently become - a shadow of our former confident, courageous selves. No longer admired or respected by anyone in the world. Americans are sleeping in the streets and lining up at soup kitchens. Hardly anyone has a job. We're forced by our autocratic, unconstitutional president to have health insurance. We're lucky we have Trump to warn us of all the dangers we face.

It's so scary, we're afraid to celebrate the summer with outdoor barbeques because we know there are vicious immigrants and brutal terrorists and Black Lives Matter thugs behind every bush and our poor police are too intimidated to help us if we call. We might be able to defend ourselves if Obama doesn't confiscate all our weapons first.

We are being screwed by everybody. China and Japan, Germany and England. Certainly Mexico and even Canada. Iran, for sure and Iraq and Syria and Libya and Egypt. And NATO. That's because our leaders are all stupid and wimpy, loathe to use threats or nukes or torture, even when they are clearly called for. We've let our military deteriorate so, they probably couldn't fight off an attack from Monaco, which is the smallest country in the world besides Vatican City.

It very very sad to realize what a pitiful nation America is now. Ronald Reagan thought it was Morning in America; Donald Trump thinks the clock is about to strike Midnight.

But thank heavens, we have him to save us. As he says himself he is the only man who can fix all the things that are wrong with our country.

His answer seems to be to put America in a bubble. We will build a physical wall to keep out immigrants. We will build a virtual wall to keep out Muslims. We will build an economic wall to keep out globalism.

It will be a whole new world with Trump at the helm. Whatever we've done in the past is now moot. We may decide to default on our debts. (Bankruptcy holds no stigma for the Donald). We will deny the trade agreements that have been negotiated by our government. We will renege on our promises to defend our NATO allies. We will do whatever it takes to protect our interests. Trade agreements and treaties and accords be damned!

We were promised something special for the Republican convention. It would be glitzy and glamorous. Instead we got aging teenage heartthrobs (Scott Baio) and soap opera stars and the 441st best female tennis player. We got less that enthusiastic endorsements from former rivals like Marco Rubio and Rick Perry. We got a betrayal by Ted Cruz and who among us was surprised by that? And Trump kids....lots and lots of Trump many of them I lost count. All of them sleek and glossy and extremely well educated and well-spoken....pretty much what you'd expect from billionaire kids who've had every advantage in life (except for that somewhat off-putting picture of a son triumphantly holding a killed elephant's tail aloft.) Maybe knowing what his father has done to the Republican party, it was a snarky symbol of the GOP elephant.

I found it passing strange that when part of Melania's speech seemed to be plagiarized, it was from Michelle Obama, for Pete's sake. And Ivanka's speech was closer to one you'd expect from the Democrat convention. Affordable child care, early childhood education, equal pay for equal work? Huh? First I'd heard any of that from the R's!

No, the Republican base were more into chanting "Lock Her Up" than "Equal Pay for Equal Work. They reminded me of nothing so much as a lynch mob wanting an execution without a trial. So much for the Constitution.

It was all ugly and depressing.

I hope next week brings us more light and more optimism and more love and for god's sake, a little more courage.


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