Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Who is the Majority?

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The way I see it, the upcoming presidential election is a choice between intelligence and ignorance, sanity and mental disorder, fear and courage, hate and love. America appears to be divided roughly 50-50 between which set of attributes it favors. In November, we will find out for sure who is in the majority.

We will either select a candidate whose calm (aka boring, or so we're told) style of wanting to bring all of us together - gay, straight, black, white, Latino, transgender, Christian, Muslim, Jew, males, females, is the foundation of her campaign or we will pick the candidate for whom sowing discord and dissension is his bread and butter.

We will either choose commonsense or hysteria. We will either reach out to one another or we will shut one another out. We will pick that bland wonk who sets out her plans in great detail or the one who shouts stirring slogans with nothing behind them - the one who thinks America can be great again or the one who believes America is great now.

In November, it will be up to us to decide whether to go with the candidate who can take a punch and come back strong to keep moving forward or the one who strikes out viciously at anyone who hurts his oh-so-sensitive feelings.

Sometimes, I truly believe Donald Trump knows he's in over his head and is trying to find a way out without admitting it. Other times, I think he considers running for president as the ultimate reality show, like an especially high-stakes Survivor. And still other times, I wonder if he is curious to know just how far he can go without losing his supporters. Just where is his bottom? He doesn't appear to have found it yet.

Calling John McCain not a hero didn't do it; saying he could shoot someone on Main Street and his supporters would still follow him didn't do it; wanting to deport 11 million Mexicans didn't do it; calling for a Muslim ban didn't do it; promoting torture of families didn't do it.  His racism didn't do it. His sexism didn't do it. An attack on the American justice system didn't do it. His disregard for the First Amendment didn't do it. In his latest, "where the hell does he come up with this shit" diatribe, he accused American soldiers of stealing the money we sent to Iraq.

When I listen to him, I often think - "American simply cannot and will not elect this horrible man president of the United States"....but I thought that about the Republicans selecting him as their nominee and I was wrong about that.

There are evidently more people out there who vote on emotion rather than rational thinking than I thought. They appear to be Americans who believe everything in the country is so rotten, we need a Donald Trump to burn it down and start all over again. What kind of America do they see when the shooting stops and the fires go out? A safer one? A better one? In what ways?

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