Monday, June 20, 2016

Onward and Upward

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I have always believed that mankind is on a gradually upward spiritual evolution. I know many will say I'm naive, what with the bloody mess the world always seems to be in. Sometimes, it is discouraging when we seem to take two steps back for every step forward. But spiritual time is not our time. What seems like lifetimes, centuries, millennia to us pass in moments in the Great Whatever. I call it that because I have no clue who or what may direct our evolution or if anything does. I don't think it is any particular god, however, none of the ones we've made in our image, no, not in our murderous, jealous, greedy, bigoted image. If there is a god, he, she or it is far larger than anything we can comprehend. I think it beyond arrogance to believe god is focused primarily on us, this small group of humans on one planet among billions.

We have to look far behind us to see our progress. Slavery, for instance, has almost been eliminated except for small pockets here and there. In America, we have "given" women the right to vote and (mostly) to choose their own lives and that is so in the other developed nations as well. If there is still racism (and there is), it is not as overt as it once was. There is no more  officially sanctioned segregation or Jim Crow laws or poll taxes. Gays have been able to come out of the closet without fear and to marry those they love and their government has recognized those marriages as legal with all the rights that designation bestows....though not without much wringing of hands on the part of some.

We treat children better than we used to, striving to make sure they are all fed, clothed, housed and educated. We don't have thousands of small children begging on our city streets. They aren't working in mills or mines, at least, not in most countries in the 21st century.

We are more aware of the fragility of our planet and the devastation that can be wrought by leveling rain forests and pouring our trash into the ocean and ravaging the earth itself to get at the resources that we want/need. Plunder for profit is still the name of the game in many places but we are learning. More and more countries are getting their power from resources that aren't finite and don't require raping the earth.

I can say all this and still be stunned sometimes at the hate that is so overt on the internet and elsewhere. Many of the comments and posts I read are like having a blunt force weapon taken to your sensibilities.

Many despise our president and also the Democrat nominee...and despise is not too strong a word. It is innate loathing based on nothing I can understand. Many hate Muslims. Many hate Mexicans. Many hate African-Americans. Many hate our government.

I believe they are in the vocal minority. I believe there are more kind people than cruel ones. I believe there are more lovers than haters. I believe there are more optimists than those who believe America is in the midst of self-destruction.

I believe we will continue to get better. I won't live to see the end of wars and brutality and ugliness but maybe your children or your grandchildren or your great-grandchildren will. The upward spiritual evolution can be paused but it can't be stopped.

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