Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Quiet Majority

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I have never been to a political rally. I have never protested a political rally. I have never carried a sign for or against a candidate. There is no bumper sticker on my car or sign in my yard. I make a small donation now and then and I post my opinions on blogs and Facebook. I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. I think there are lots of people like me. I call us the Quiet Majority, at least, I hope we're the majority.

We don't consider Hillary a goddess. We don't believe she is a political messiah. We know she's not perfect. She's made mistakes and changed her mind on some issues (as they all have), though not her core beliefs. We are not looking for a savior because in politics, there probably is no such thing, and people who confuse leaders and saviors generally live to regret it.

A lot of us probably tend to be older. We've been through most of this before. We've lived through wars and recessions and assassinations and riots. We've learned to recognize pretenders when we see them...the McCarthy's and Wallace's and Perot's. The kind of charismatic candidates people fall in love with but hopefully, don't elect to the White Bernie and the Donald.

If we are Democrats, we don't want our party sabotaged. We don't want it threatened. We don't want it blackmailed by the Sanders true believers. I can't speak for Republicans but perhaps many of them feel the same about Trump.

We don't require flash and dash. We are looking for quiet competence. We want change, yes, but we want it to come in the form of hard work and peaceful cooperation. We don't want a Revolution. We know revolutions usually don't end well.

We don't want our president to be the person who screams the loudest, who comes up with the nastiest nicknames for his opponents, who complains the most, who thinks anything that doesn't favor him is cheating. We don't want our president to be someone who urges his fans to anger and discontent.

We aren't voting for Hillary because she is a woman but because she is by far the most qualified candidate. Although, we do believe it is past time to give a woman a chance after 2 1/2 centuries of male dominance in the White House.

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