Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Indiana, Or As I Call It, Fantasyland.

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Well, my home state of Indiana weighed in and the result was about what I expected. Judging by my Facebook friends, I figured it was going to be a blow out for Trump and a closer win for Bernie. This is the first time in forever that Indiana's votes meant much in the scheme of things and we made the most of our moment in the sun. We knocked Cruz clear out of the race and gave Bernie another reason to forge on. Take that, rest of the country! (What can I say about Kasich? He's a nonentity but he must not know it).

So now we have a draft-dodging, philandering misogynist as the Republican nominee. (If he wins, do you suppose he'll be able to tolerate Melania for 8 whole years while he's president and she's getting older by the day?) Wow, conservatives must be so proud! Walls and weapons and torture for all! Bobby Knight told us Trump would have guts enough to drop the bomb and isn't that what we want in a president?

Meanwhile on my side, the Democratic side, the quixotic Bernie supporters gave him a boost even though he doesn't have a prayer of winning the nomination. Because they are into making a statement, don't you know? They believe in standing on principle, as opposed to the rest of us, I guess, who vote for less honorable reasons.

I've asked some of my Trump friends to try to explain to me what they see in him that causes them to be so enamored. Honestly, I don't see one redeeming quality in the man but I'm willing to listen because I really would like to have some insight into their thinking.

They usually answer with slogans. Of course, we're all familiar with "make America great again" but they say he'll bring about change in Washington. He says what he means. (Really, if that's true then his mind must be a kaleidoscope of ideas because what he believes seems to change from one day to the next). He'll bring back jobs. He'll be tough on China and Mexico and whoever, whoever.

If you try to dig a little deeper, beneath the slogans, to ask how they think he'll bring about these changes in tangible terms, they seem to have no clue. They are not practical believers but faith believers.

As are the Bernie fans because, despite knowing  he is cannot win, they are going to continue tilting at those revolutionary windmills until the last dog has died and then I expect we'll hear them whining about how the "establishment" cheated him even though Hillary got more votes and more earned delegates by far.

Indiana's primary was an illustration of how much of America prefers to live in fantasy land rather than the real world. We are so discouraged and disgusted (mostly unwarranted as far as I'm concerned), we are willing to take a flyer on anyone who tells us what we want to hear even if they can't show us their plans for keeping their promises.

I have never had any respect for Donald Trump. I've now lost what respect I had for Bernie Sanders.

I expect the campaign between Hillary and the Donald will be the most vicious I'm seen in my lifetime. I can hardly wait (which is sarcasm, in case you don't recognize it.)

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