Saturday, April 23, 2016

Delegate Games

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Okay, I'll give the pretenders a couple more days to play their "how we can still win" scenarios. But after Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maryland vote on Tuesday, if they haven't won multiple states and won them big, it will be time to fold their tents and get behind the candidates the people in their party have chosen.

For the Republicans, that means Donald Trump. For the Democrats, it is Hillary Clinton.

The writing has been on the wall for a while but we've humored you. We listened to how John Kasich thinks he can win exactly one state, his own state, and still go home with the big prize. We watched how Ted Cruz mastered the art of getting more delegates even when Trump won more actual votes. We heard Bernie tell us how he believes he can get super-delegates to turn away from Hillary although she's won by far the most pledged delegates and the most votes.

But after this next batch of primaries, those fantasies should be put way. I know dreams as big as these die hard but sometimes, you simply have to recognize when the end has come. By next Wednesday morning, mostly likely the end will have come for Bernie, Ted and John.

Then it will be a matter of considering where we're at and supporting the candidate of your choice in the fall. Who do you think will do the best job for the country in the Oval office? Period.

I don't know if that will happen though. Bernie fans tend to be dogs-in-the-manger whiners, not all of them but a significant number. I see them on Facebook threatening to take their marbles and go home if they don't get their way. (Polling shows that about 33% of Sanders supporters feel this way). This race is very personal for them. Bernie is the Anointed One and no one else is worthy.

Forget the difference in the type of judges Hillary versus Trump will nominate for the Supreme Court. Forget any minimum wage increase if a Republican wins. Forget fighting for climate change legislation, gun control, overturning Citizens United, women controlling their own health care decisions, LGBT rights. Nope, either the Berniebots get what they want or fuck everyone else. They are the left-wing version of the Tea Party. No compromise.

Same on the Republican side. I haven't heard as much about the Stop Trump movement since New York but I think the power structure is still plotting behind the scenes. They are crazy if they go ahead with those nefarious plans. Their convention and their party will go up in flames if they disenfranchise the grassroots.

So, next Tuesday night will tell the story. Barring a stunning surprise, we'll have our candidates which will make for an extremely interesting election. Both Hillary and Donald are polarizing. People who love them, love them a lot. People who hate them, hate them a lot.

Some Trump haters say they'll cross over and vote for Hillary. Some Hillary haters say they'll cross over and vote for Trump. Maybe it will be a wash.

Trump (and Bernie) represent the revolution. Upend the system and make big, bold changes. Hillary voters tend not to trust revolution, knowing revolutions can't always be controlled once begun. They prefer commonsense and compromise.

But there you'll have it. Pick your poison.

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