Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nancy Reminds Us Of How Much Has Changed With The Republicans

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Debates and caucuses and primaries - oh, my! The Republican race has descended into a gutter level street brawl making the Hillary and Bernie  Show look like afternoon tea with the good crystal and linen napkins.

We know the Republican establishment is trying to kill off Donald and the media is going right along with them. For instance, Trump received tons of criticism for failing to disavow David Duke although Ted Cruz has endorsements and support from people who are every bit as slimy as Duke, such as the detestable Bryan Fischer. The Donald was excoriated over his defense of his penis size but no one said anything about Marco Rubio being the first one to insert dick insinuations into the body politic.

It looks as though the establishment's plan might be backfiring. Instead of their favorite son, Marco Rubio, becoming the anti-Trump, Ted Cruz seems to be picking up that mantle. And if there is anyone who scares me more than Donald Trump, it is Ted Cruz, whose fondest dream is to turn America into an authoritarian theocracy. There isn't a compromising bone in Cruz' body and I guess that's what hardcore conservatives want although it mean that the gridlock in Washington would even worse than it is now.

Meanwhile, every day working Republicans just keep getting angrier at their elites for trying to steer them in a direction they don't want to go, like they are a bunch of ignorant children. Is their arrogance truly so blinding, they can't see what they are doing?

The last round of primaries and caucuses did nothing but muddy the waters. Ted Cruz won two states and Trump won two so both emerged with bragging rights. Meanwhile, poor Rubio look to be about done, coming in a distant third in all but one where he was a fourth. I don't see how he can prevail even if he does win his home state of Florida, which it looks as if he's not going to be able to do. Same with Kasich and that's too bad because he lends the only note of sanity among the R's.

On the Democrat side. Bernie won two caucuses and Hillary won the primary in Louisiana so that race will continue for sure.

Let me just insert a word in here about how much I dislike caucuses. I wish both parties would do away with them. They aren't a fair contest because only the most impassioned bother with them and they are not be a true accounting of how mainstream voters feel. Just make them all primaries where everyone has a chance to go to the polls, vote and leave. I hated caucuses in 2008 and I hate them now. No, winning a caucus in South Dakota is not the same as winning a primary in Texas.

Lastly, we just got news of Nancy Reagan's passing. Ronnie was one of my least favorite presidents of my lifetime, behind only George W, but I will say that Nancy Reagan was a class act. I remember being so proud of her when she attended Charles and Diana's wedding, well, not just there but everywhere she went, really because she had such a sense of style. I did admire the Reagans' devotion to one another and her commitment and courage through his final illness. R.I.P, Mrs. Reagan. How much the Republicans have changed.

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