Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's Almost Over - It Will Be Trump versus Hillary

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We've said good-bye to many candidates in this election cycle but after Super Tuesday 2.0, barring catastrophe on one side or the other, it looks to me like this is what we will see in November.

I know, I know, the Sanders campaign has a strategy for how they can win which, essentially, involves taking almost all the states that have not yet voted, which will send Bernmomentum into the stratosphere and  convince the superdelegates to switch their votes to him. This seems unlikely to happen although in this campaign, which is the weirdest I've ever experienced, I suppose it is remotely possible. Nevertheless, I hope Sanders will try to dissuade his supporters from engaging in slash and burn allegations against Hillary (although many of them already have) because they will only be hurting the odds-on-favorite Democrat nominee in November.

Meanwhile, almost no one in the Republican party wants Donald Trump to win except actual Republican voters and they are making their preference quite clear even as the "establishment" tries to think of underhanded ways to stop him at a brokered convention. I agree with Trump. If he comes closer than anyone else by a significant amount of votes and the party bigwigs try to take it from him, there very likely will be riots in Cleveland. Such a devious and undemocratic result would prove the very things I hear on Patriot radio all the time - that regular Republicans think their leadership has ignored and dismissed them again and again.

I can say that as a Democrat, the thought of a President Trump gives me nightmares too although honestly, if I had to choose, I'd vote for Trump before I'd vote for Ted Cruz. I think (and hope) that many of the outrageous things Trump says are for effect and that he'd settle down and become a somewhat middle-of-the-road dealmaker if he actually won, something Cruz would never do. I don't think Trump is a fool although he often plays one on t.v.

The situation with the Supreme Court so perfectly illustrates what today's Republican party is. Their total focus for the last 7 years has been on obstruction. In a non-election year, they'd probably be thrilled with Merrick Garland as Obama's nominee, knowing it could be so much worse for them if he chose a young, liberal candidate rather than this much respected 63-year-old moderate. The Republicans themselves have showered him with effusive praise in the past when they voted almost unanimously for him.

Again, the Patriot Channel conservatives quote what Democrats have said in the past without quoting what Republicans were saying at the same time since the parties have changed their views 180 degrees. But when the chips were down, the Democrats didn't follow through. They interviewed the candidate; they held hearings on the candidate; they voted on the candidate and they confirmed the candidate. So let the Republicans bluster and bellow....and then I hope they'll do the right thing.

Republicans appear to totally lack in any kind of sensitivity toward the feelings of others. They don't get how much Trump voters resent them for trying to shaft him. They don't get how regular Americans (on both sides) scorn them for their do-nothing ways. They don't get how they infuriate so many women by treating them like second-class citizens who can't be trusted to make their own decision. They don't get how they offend African-Americans and Latinos and Arabs and Asians with their offensive comments - all groups they will eventually need court to hold their party together. The fact is, Washington Republicans seem to be tone-deaf to all but their own self-interest.

Well, we still have a long way to go. I'm sure Sanders voters will continue believing and Republicans leaders will continue plotting and a Republican congress will continue stonewalling and Hillary and Trump supporters will settle in for the long haul, pretty convinced it will be our candidates who will win in the end.

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