Monday, February 15, 2016

State of Mass Confusion

Image result for confusion     This appears to be the state of the presidential campaign right now. I've listened to so many debates and town halls, watched the first caucus in Iowa and the first primary in New Hampshire. Sat in on so many stump speeches. Heard candidates throwing allegations back and forth.

The WWE could learn a thing or two from the Republicans for their next Wrestlemania event. Their last debate was a total free-for-all. Verbal bombs sailed across the stage. Poor John Kasich tried to call for some semblance of courtesy but he was shouted down by accusations of "liar" and "flip-flopper" and "Rino". Only when attention turned to the president and Hillary was there any semblance of agreement.

The Democrats are more civil but they too have sharpened their rhetoric toward one another. Bernie is unrealistic and Hillary is part of the "establishment" in league with the big banks.

And, we still have 9 months to go. Geez, if things heat up anymore, they'll all be throwing live grenades from behind their podiums. The presidency will come down to the Last Man Standing.

Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright hurt the tender feelings of young women for not respecting their idealistic enthusiasm for Bernie. I'm of an age with Gloria and Madeleine and Hillary and I feel the same as them. It was women like us, their grandmothers and mothers, who fought in the women's revolution and made sacrifices so this generation of young girls could have the freedoms and opportunities they enjoy today (many of which continue to be under threat from the Republicans).

So, we find it hurtful to be ignored like so many over-the-hill has-beens, as opposed to, I guess, the 74-year-old, not-over-the-hill, Bernie. We believe this is our best chance ever to elect a woman president. It's not that we're asking them to support an inexperienced Sarah Palin just because she's a woman. Rather, we wonder, when will we ever again have a candidate more qualified and more experienced than Hillary? If we won't do it now, when will we do it?

We stood up and fought for them but now we find, they won't stand up and fight for us.

So, yes, I'm bitter about them and if they are upset about it, too freakin' bad.

So, its war to the death in the Republican camp and slightly less brutal war in the Democratic camp.

And then drop in another bombshell - the death of Justice Antonin Scalia - and the shit really gets real. The Supreme Court is always an issue in the background of presidential elections but it will move to the forefront now. SCOTUS has been pretty reliably divided between four conservatives and four liberals with Anthony Kennedy as the swing vote. Now, the most conservative voice of all is gone.

The Republicans naturally swear they won't confirm any justice Obama nominates. They were so determined to make this point, their statement on the news of his death was one long run-on sentence - "sympathytothefamilyofJusticeScaliawewon'tconfirmanyObamanominee."

So now all the cases the court has taken up are under threat because most of them are liable to end up in a tie. No ninth justice means the court is effectively non-operational for almost a year. The Republicans carry on about their reverence for the Constitution but I hardly think partisan politics preventing a president from choosing a nominee to fill a seat on the court is something the founding fathers would approve of.

So it looks like complete chaos will reign for the next nine months of the campaign. I don't know if I have it in me to hang on that long but what choice do we have?

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