Thursday, January 14, 2016

Feel the Bern but Don't Burn Your Bridges

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I'm starting to get pissed off at Bernie Sanders fans, just as I got pissed off at Barack Obama fans in 2008. I almost never trust messianic true believers. I like some politicians better than others but I've never found one I thought was worthy of worship. I have never thought of a politician as my savior.

But many Obama supporters did believe this about him in 2008. They saw the promised land of hope and change lying just ahead of them if only Obama was elected. I was content to vote for him once he was nominated though I'd have preferred Hillary. He was elected and I think he's been an excellent president. He'd have been even more excellent if he'd have had even a tiny sliver of cooperation from the Republicans.

And that's where I was back then. I never believed in hope and change because it would have taken two sides to pull that off and, having seen them in action during Bill Clinton's impeachment, I didn't think for one minute that the R's would cooperate.

To me, Hillary was the one who'd paid her dues and served her time and had the experience to lead us into the post-911 world. But his acolytes saw Obama as the knight on a white charger to whom all things would be possible. He had pulled Excaliber out of the stone and he would use it to conquer evil and injustice.

Well, of course, those exalted expectations were not, and could never be met. Obama was elected but evil and injustice went on just as it always had. President's have limited power, after all. They cannot single-handedly turn the world, or even just their country, into a land of milk and honey.

So, Hillary was campaigning against, not just a man, but a saint. 

And, damned if she isn't campaigning against a saint again.

This time, instead of a young, hip, handsome black man, it's an old, rumpled, curmudgeonly Jewish man. Is "man" one of the key words here, do you think, or is their gender beside the point? 

Whatever it is, many of those who "feel the Bern" are becoming as cultish as the Obama adorers before them. This is no longer a race between two people, either of whom would be head and shoulders above any Republican nominated. No, Bernie is The One, the Only One. It has to be him, only him. If he isn't nominated, they simply won't vote. He is pure, don't you see, as opposed to Hillary?

No future president can pull off everything their followers would like them to pull off, especially if they have a Congress of the opposite party to deal with. None of them have supernatural powers despite what Obama's followers then and now Bernie's followers would like to believe.

I'm voting for Hillary in the primary. If Bernie gets the nomination, I'll vote for him in the general. If you're a Democrat and don't pledge to vote for the winner, you're a pure fool. 


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