Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trump - Exciting Flirtation or Real Love?

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Is it even possible for a political blogger to write about anyone but Donald Trump this week?, unfortunately, I don't think so. His "take no prisoner" tactics make it impossible for the media to ignore him....and they don't even want to ignore him....because they love the sidehow and the headlines and the controversy. Now, this is what we call a horse race! Give us that red meat!

I wonder how long we will have to endure the ravings of this narcissistic, egotistical asshole, a man who would make the world's worst president. You kind of figure even most of the fire-breathing right-wing candidates would settle down and try to be somewhat rational if they actually won but not Trump. I thought no one could trump (ha!ha!) Ted Cruz in the crazy sweepstakes but Cruz looks positively sane compared to The Donald. Trump is driving the Republican train right off a cliff and they seem not to know what to do about it....but they better think of something fast.

At first, I thought, "well, his nuttiness is an entertaining distraction but the Republicans will come to their senses soon and he'll implode." But no, it appears that the more outrageous he is, the more his poll numbers go up. He tells it like it is, don'cha know?

When he calls the other candidates idiots and stupid and lame and stiff and says John McCain is not a war hero (and yes, he definitely said it even though he denies it now), his fans cheer. When he says most Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers and child molesters, they shout in approval. When he says he has a foolproof plan to eliminate ISIS, they buy into it.

They seem titillated by his arrogant braggadocio. Is this what a large swath of GOP voters want? Really? A stick-it-in-your-eye president? Do they believe that would be an effective form of governance?

Is the Republican party feeding its voters stupid pills and they just took it one treatment too far? You can almost feel the panic in the mainstream GOP from here. They created a Frankenstein as they fawned on Trump for years and now they don't know how to kill him off. But I don't think this monster is going to turn out to be a gentle giant like the real Frankenstein.

I still keep hoping that this is just a flirtation with the bad boy and in the end, the R's will give a sigh of regret and marry up with the boy next door, the one with a proven record of stability and reliability, like John Kasich. I don't know though, I keep underestimating the Republican inability to live in the real world. (Thank you Fox and Breitbart and Red State and the Conservative Tribune, et al.)

Donald Trump winning would probably be the best thing that could happen for the Democrats. It would propel Hillary right into the White House. And that's the result I want ultimately but even at that, it would leave me despairing of the GOP and their total lack of commonsense. Honestly, the Republicans becoming the Buffoon Party doesn't make me happy for my country.

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