Thursday, March 19, 2015

What To Expect If Hillary Runs

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Yep, I'm 100 percent for Hillary in 2016 although I'm old enough to remember the awfulness of the 90's when the Republicans went after the Clintons like a pack of rabid dogs, with much of the so-called "liberal" mainstream media in full cry right behind them. Because Hillary was right, you know, there really was a "vast rightwing conspiracy" and it has only gotten vaster and louder and more vicious in the years since.

So, anyone who thinks the recent Republican destruction machine springs from their hatred for Barack Obama simply doesn't remember the glory days of impeachment. Of course, the Republicans detest Obama and yes, racism is a part of that and yes, simply being a Democrat is another part, but Bill Clinton's presidency (a white male straight Southerner) is where they honed their skills at treachery and deceit and they're even better at it now.

The New York Times, which recently broke a horrified story about Hillary's e-mail "scandal" (which was similar to Jeb Bush's e-mail scandal....the one the NYT brushed off with a yawn) was hugely complicit in the original attempted Clinton lynching. They jumped early on Whitewater and flogged that dead horse until it was hamburger....and still nothing came of it....or the one about cattle futures or Travelgate, or, well, there were so many, I can't even remember them all, the point being that they all fizzled into nothingness.

No, impeachment had to wait for Monica Lewinsky and oh, my, what a deliciously salacious scandal it was too. The Republicans reveled in it. It gave them an excuse to talk about blow jobs and cigars and dresses with semen stains....all for the people's good, of course. I expect some of them had erections behind their podiums as they talked about it, not that they were turned on by the sex, but about the prospect of nailing Clinton. Republicans have different ideas about what constitutes a sexual turn-on than Democrats.

So, they appointed Ken Starr and we went through the rigamarole of an investigation, as if the Monica Lewinsky affair was a high crime or misdemeanor) and through all it it, cable t.v. carried hours and hours of coverage. Some of the same people who are celebrity spokespeople on Fox today made their bones on talking about it. Like the Queen of Betrayal, Lucianne Goldberg's baby boy, Jonah.

The House impeached Clinton but the Senate didn't convict. As a last parting shot though, the Republicans and Ken Starr published the entire investigation on the internet. The American people, they said, deserved to know every sordid detail.

Then a funny thing happened. Clinton became more popular than ever and won re-election and in fact, he is one of America's more best-loved politicians to this very day.

We know how racism has reared it's ugly head during the Obama administration, no matter how much faux indignation Republicans express about that allegation. I have an absolute expectation that the raging sexism that greets a Hillary campaign (and, hopefully, presidency), will be even worse because even Republicans still consider overt racism to be somewhat unacceptable. For the most part, racism has gone underground though we have seen it peeking its head up more frequently in the last several years. I mean, my God, the Republicans not only elected a man who openly supported David Duke, Klansman, they made him their third in command.

Still, for the most part people deny being racists but that's not so with sexism. Many Republicans have trumpeted their misogynistic views all along. The red states have passed bill after bill affecting women's right to plan their own families, not only being against abortion, but even contraception. How many of them have told us in so many words that rape really isn't so bad and if you get pregnant (which you probably won't because women's systems know how to shut that whole thing down), well, gee, it was God's will, so deal with it. Right now, the big furor in Congress is the human trafficking bill, which virtually everyone supports, but Republicans want to include a provision that no federal monies can be used for abortions, even for those who got pregnant as a result of being a victim of sex trafficking. The insufferably arrogant men on the right feel totally comfortable requiring women to have a transvaginal ultrasound shoved up their vagina. They feel completely in their rights mandating our doctors to lie to us. All of this because Big Daddy knows what's best for us dumb girls.

We know how many women, the Republicans in Congress put in positions of leadership. Under Democrats, women held nine committee chairs and under Republicans, they will only have two. In the House, there is only one woman Republican and she deals with administrative affairs, like cafeterias and bathrooms.

No, the Republicans have always been quite clear about their contempt for women.

I'm getting old and I'd really like not to have to fight but I will if I have to and I think anyone who supports Hillary will have to.


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