Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's Official - I'm a Hater

The Netanyahu insult was my last straw. The right-wing has finally won. They've beaten me. I've tried so hard to remain reasonable in the face of irrationality, to remain tolerant in the face of bigotry, to pull my punches even in the face of gut blows. I was determined not to let them drag me down to their level, not to strike out blindly for the pure satisfaction of inflicting pain.

Anyone who has ever been in a fight knows the side that recognizes no boundaries will generally win. If you are a reluctant participant who'd really rather not hurt anyone and your opponent is perfectly willing to go nuclear, you're probably going to lose.

As I see it, that has been the set up of the war between liberalism and conservatism in America. The left has generally had to be dragged into it. They were raising their hands in protest and saying, "can't we work things out" even as the right was aiming arrows straight to the heart.

After 8 years of living with George W Bush, we Democrats were euphoric in 2008 when we won the White House with Barack Obama. We thought that was the way democracy was supposed to work. Your turn/my turn. Having watched Clinton's impeachment, we should have known what was coming, but we were blinded by our euphoria.

Meanwhile, the Republicans began their reign of terror on Day One. There was no dirty trick they wouldn't stoop to, no lie they wouldn't tell, no harm they wouldn't inflict on their country to bring down the despised Obama.

This was nothing new for the Republicans. They had a whole playbook of ugly smear tactics from years past. Again, I will refer to Clinton and impeachment...and Whitewater....and Vincent Foster's suicide (or was it?)...and drug running and murder and Hillary the Lesbian, who is Chelsea's real father and, and, and..... It is never enough for Republicans to disagree with those who beat them. They want to destroy them even if they have to destroy the village, meaning the U.S., to "save" it.

And so, we have endured government shutdowns and credit rating downgrades and sequesters and fiscal cliffs and threats of debt ceilings and defaults.

They set new records for filibustering anything and everything, not only legislation, but ambassador and judge nominees. They let us go for years without an ATF Director. They refused to send an ambassador to Russia, for God's sake, along with many other important countries. Judgeships went unfilled.

They voted against legislation meant to help us get out of the recession though jobs and infrastructure programs have been proven to work and both Republicans and Democrats have used them to stimulate the economy during downturns in the past.

And Obama - they accused him of not being an American, of not being a Christian, of being a socialist communist Nazi Muslim (and maybe even gay, to boot). They've accused him of trying to shred the Constitution though he's done nothing more than other presidents have done. They've accused him of being a traitor. He is so awful that, of course, every terrible thing they say and do is totally justified.

And, oh, my God, when they lost to him the second time, their vituperative invective ratcheted up even higher. Their investigations got even more intense. They've spent millions to fund witch hunts and haven't laid a glove on him. And nary an Obama cabinet member has yet been charged, indicted or convicted. Fifty wasted votes against the ACA instead of doing the nation's business.

The posts on Facebook have become ever nastier. During the first term, the right tried, a little, not to come across as racist but they've abandoned that stance now. They still protest about those accusations but their heart isn't really in it. (And does anyone doubt that they will become just as virulently sexist if Hillary becomes president?)

While I tried to tiptoe through the thickets of political disagreement, they were marching like Sherman to the sea. If you don't believe with them, you either don't love America or you're a moron...or both. They have no room for any middle ground.

The Republicans have made a practice of disrespecting this president. They've gleefully sided with the likes of Vladimir Putin against him. Their current crush is on Benjamin Netanyahu, that manly man who, so like everyone in their own previous administration, has been wrong about almost every prediction he's ever made.

But this....inviting a foreign head of state - who is in the midst of an election campaign himself - to a joint session of Congress without consulting the president to undermine their own country's foreign just one step too far for me. So, I admit it. I hate them for it, them and all those who go along with them.So, this is my declaration....I'm officially a hater.


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