Thursday, February 5, 2015

Conservatives, Join the Rest of Us in Reality!

Do conservatives not understand what we are doing in Iraq and Syria? Are they unaware that we are spending $7.5 million per day to fight ISIS (and that it sounds as if we are preparing to up the ante considerably). Do they not realize that US/Coalition Forces have hit ISIS targets over 1000 times? Has it escaped their notice that the U.S. is the leader in the war against ISIS? Are they oblivious to the fact that while 40 nations contribute in some way to the fight against radical Islam, America is far and away the biggest provider of money, men, material and planning?

I keep reading these memes on Facebook from conservatives about how America just won't help those poor countries being overtaken by ISIS because, well, because our president is a coward...or maybe he's secretly a Muslim sympathizer in league with the extremists. Yeah, that could be it.

Are you fucking kidding me? Where is that coming from? Is that what Fox News tells you or the right-wing blogs? Because it is so totally and stupidly wrong that I literally have to catch my breath when I read such drivel.

If you want to be upset with someone who isn't committed to this fight, be upset with your own chickenshit congress people who haven't even found it within themselves to so much as debate what should be done and put their butts on the line by taking a vote.

No, first they were on vacation when all this began and you certainly wouldn't expect them to cut their vacation short as exhausted as I'm sure they were from all the days they worked in 2014. (The House's calendar showed they would work 113 days but I don't think it amounted to that many in the end).

Our current engagement against ISIS in Iraq and Syria is being fought under the authorization Congress gave Bush to go to Iraq after 911. It is long out-of-date and it is doubtful that it even provides the legal authority the president needs to do what he's doing. But, OH, MY GOD, imagine if he wasn't doing it? What would they be saying then?

Congress could remedy all this at any time, of course. They could give Obama a new expanded authorization or they could shrink it if that's what they feel is called for.

But, instead, they want to scream and shout and moan and groan and call everything he does wrong while leaving it completely up to his discretion to make the decisions even though they say they don't trust him.

And, of course, their biggest bitch is semantic. They don't care so much about the actual physical costs of what we're doing, they care that Obama doesn't call ISIS by the name they want him to use, which is Radical Islam.

Because as a world leader, he's trying to be careful. He doesn't want to tar an entire religion with one brush because of what a minority of extremists perpetrate, just as Christians would not want their entire faith to be lumped under one heading because of acts by radical Christians.

And remember that some of the Coalition countries are Muslims themselves...and the countries we are fighting ISIS in are also Muslim. The pilot who was just burned to death by ISIS was Muslim, for God's sake....and the man we think organized his burning was born a white English Christian.

What Obama understands is that there is no one-size-fits-all here.

So, you know, conservatives who don't believe Obama's America is helping fight ISIS, maybe you ought to try reading from sources that report actual facts for a change.

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