Friday, January 23, 2015

The State of Our Union is.......


The State of our Union is....pathetic. I'm talking about the union that is represented by and me. President Obama is wrong. We are a collection of red states and blue states, blacks and whites, gays and straights, Christians and non-Christians, liberals and conservatives. We aren't all united in this endeavor, America, anymore.

And Obama himself, who I think truly wants to believe what he's saying, is a perfect example of just how divided we now are. I had someone tell me on on Facebook just a few days ago. "He's not my president. He wasn't born here and he isn't legally the president. He should be in prison." And that is not an uncommon theme on the right-leaning side of America.

So, this is what our democracy has devolved to. He's not my president because I refuse to accept the will of the voters who elected him. If I don't get my way every time, then I will simply refuse to honor the outcome.

Take nullification, for example. Mike Huckabee, possible Republican presidential aspirant, recently floated the idea that even if the Supreme Court outlaws gay marriage bans throughout the U.S., states don't necessarily have to follow that decision. Ultra-conservative sheriff's have declared that they will refuse to enforce gun laws and in fact, will arrest and charge federal agents who try to do so. Different areas of the country have made every possible effort to shoehorn Christianity into our schools in place of science. Some of them have even tried to declare Christianity their official state religion, despite our Founding Father's strongly held belief that the government must be neutral on matters of faith.

 So, despite the right being the side that howls about the sanctity of the constitution, they have declared war on that document if it means being ordered to do something they don't want to do. I guess it boils down to all of us getting to decide for ourselves which laws we want to follow and which ones we don't....and that isn't a government, it's anarchy.

In the ultimate expression of nullification, some Americans want to secede from the union and start their own new, proudly red, country. Let's call it the nation of Reagan as one proponent of secession wants to do. In Reagan there would be no abortions but lots of guns. There would be no gay marriages but lots of....gee, I can't think of anything they're for but more guns. Gays, immigrants, Muslims, atheists, African-Americans, independent minded women, union workers and poor people - leave Reagan because we don't want your kind here. Seems as if it would be a rather sparsely populated country, doesn't it? But not to worry - with no abortions or contraception, I'm sure the population would soon boom with good white Christian conservative residents.

In Reagan, there would be no unions and no taxes. If a Reaganite suffers from a catastrophe, they'd better be prepared to pack their bags and head for the familiar old U.S, because, of course, there are no assistance programs in their new country. It's Every-Man-For-Himself-Land.

We have become a collection of disparate factions, all pretty much hating one another, each with our own go-to set of media sites that parrot back to us what we want to hear.

And what are liberal attitudes toward all this division and dislike and dysfunction? I can only speak for myself but where once I would have tried to cajole, argue and convince the other side that we all need to work together for the sake of America, I find myself admitting defeat. I'm more than tired of it all. I'm ready to tell them, "just go already...secede....take your hate with you and the rest us will continue with the business of America....all of us together....all the people you cast aside. And may the best country win."

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