Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Mixed Message of the Election


Yes, I'm still suffering from an election night hangover but like most addicts, it won't keep me from opening that next bottle of political poison. I'm a political junkie, what can I say?

I was going to write about how totally disgusted I am with the party I usually claim as mine but Jim Wright at Stone Kettle Station said it better than I ever could. Democrats, overall,  are kinder and fairer and yes, I think, smarter than Republicans over all, but they suffer from the malady of Chronic Spinelessness. They prefer to play defense to going on offense and their defensive team isn't worth shit. I remember watching Al Gore lose in large part, I believed, because he was afraid to claim Bill Clinton. Now I just watched the Democrats lose in large part, I believe, because they were afraid to stand with Obama and recite the good things they've done in the last six years. Did you vote for Obama, Allison Lundegan Grimes? But read Jim's piece. It's the best.

Now, ole Mitch Baby, who swore to destroy Obama's presidency from day one is talking bipartisanship. Screw that! I could have been talked into it once but I'm out of the mood now. Obama doesn't have to account to anyone anymore so I hope he rides as roughshod over the Republican congress as it is legally possible for him to do (with the benefit of the doubt going to the president as it did with Bush and the Torture Gang). I hope he vetoes everything they send to him - good, bad or indifferent. They won't like him any better if he tries to compromise with them so why bother?

Unfortunately, I don't think being unreasonable is in Obama's nature. I believe, for the most part, he'll continue to try to work with the Republicans as best he can although they'll continue to claim he isn't.

I honestly hope they bring impeachment proceedings on the first day they take over. I've heard so much about impeachment and treason and not-really-an-American and Muslim sympathizer, blah, blah, blah, that I feel as if I'm choking on it. Hey, you guys were balls to the wall when it meant clicking "like" on a Facebook post. But now you have the luxury of putting your money where your mouths are so do it if you think you have the evidence.

Ditto repealing Obamacare. For all those that they hate it, I doubt they'd be very happy to see pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps come back. There would be horror stories in the media about people who....finally managed to obtain health insurance under Obamacare going without again. I don't think the Republicans have the guts.

This election created befuddlement in trying to figure how Americans make the choices they do. In all the states (and D.C.) where legalization of marijuana was on the ballot, a majority voted for it. (In Florida, 57% of voters approved medical marijuana but in that state, it takes 60 percent to move forward). In the two (red) states where a Personhood Amendment was on the ballot, it was defeated soundly (although Tennessee did vote for a very restrictive abortion bill). In every state where it was on the ballot, increasing the minimum wage won big. In the small Texas town of Denton, an anti-fracking bill passed. In Washington State, on a referendum to require background checks on all gun sales, the measure passed.  In Connecticut and Colorado the voters retained governors whom the NRA had sworn to defeat.

Okay, so on all these issues, the liberal leaning side won. So, what explains the fact that those very same voters also elected politicians who actually sponsored the Personhood Amendment they voted against and all the politicians who were opposed to a minimum wage increase that voters supported in huge numbers or were against legalization of pot.

Have we all simply become a nation of raging political schizophrenics?

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