Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Don't Vote

Well, here we go....Election Day. I used to love the suspense of elections more than I do now. That's because I wasn't terribly concerned about which party won back in the day. I usually leaned toward the Democrats but I wasn't literally afraid of the Republicans as I am now. I believed yesterday's Republicans had the country's best interests at heart even if I disagreed with them on some issues. I basically thought the country would be okay no matter who won.

But somehow those Republicans morphed into the Tea Party and then the Tea Party morphed into the Mean Party. In the beginning, I thought some of their principles were idealistic if sort of wacko. Uh, yes, we probably all agree that lowering the deficit is a good thing (and, in fact, it has been going down steadily under Obama) but to end all deficit spending RIGHT NOW would plunge the country into a depression that would make this last one look small.

What would they cut to end the deficit immediately. Well, one of their core principles is a strong military so I guess that means the cuts would have to come from social programs? Social security? Medicare and Medicaid? Education?

None of us particularly like taxes but the Tea Party really, really doesn't like them and want major cuts. So they want to end deficit spending but give the country less income to do it with. What's that saying about being able to hold two conflicting thoughts in your head at the same time?

Anyway, the original Tea Party barely mentioned social issues. They simply "encouraged' traditional values but the latter day Tea Party swung sharply to the social (versus economic) side with gay marriage and abortion in the forefront of what should be outlawed in a Tea Party country.

Guns, of course, are sacred. Literally. It's in their platform. Isn't that a form of worshiping false gods?

And we began to see the kind of crazies the Tea Party supported - Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, Steve Stockman and Ted Cruz, Louis Gohmert and on and on. The birthers. The science-deniers. The "I.U.D.s are a form of abortion" folks. The "legitimate rape" guys. The Personhood people. The "oh, my God, I can't say Christmas anymore" victims. The "Obama is a Muslim" insisters.  The "billionaires are better than you and me" believers.

And all done in the name of religion. Pretty much exactly the opposite of what Jesus preached.

The accepted thing to say is that everyone should vote (unless you're trying to suppress the votes of your opponents, of course). "Go, Vote" posts are all over Facebook. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say, "I just want everyone to vote their conscience" because actually what I'd prefer to see is all the conservatives struck with apathy today and not vote at all.

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