Sunday, August 24, 2014



Wow, those of you who think the president takes too many vacation days must really be pissed at Congress. Obama has so far taken 141 days off since he's held office. Let's say he even takes 20 more yet this year which he probably won't but we'll say he does. That is 161 days or about 32 days a year and of course, you have to remember that all presidential vacations are working vacations. (He's come back to the White House from Martha's Vineyard twice on this latest vacation but I still counted them as vacation because, you know, maybe he played a round of golf or took a bike ride when he got back to Massachusetts.

By contrast, The Senate has taken 60 days off this year (I didn't count weekends, just weekdays). And the House has taken so much time off, it is actually easier to tally the days they worked which was 103 in 2014.

Normally, presidential and congressional vacations aren't a big issue with me but it does look as though we might be heading into a really serious situation with ISIL in Iraq and Syria. Obama made the decision to bomb the hell out of them in Iraq but they scurry back and forth between Syria and Iraq, not recognizing the border. That means to go after them hot and heavy, we might have to consider military operations in a whole other country. And perhaps we'll have to expand what we're doing beyond the air strikes we're conducting now. Are we about to get in another war? Is that what we have to do to eliminate the threat that ISIL poses?

Geez, you'd think Congress would be rushing back to Washington to put their two cents worth in, wouldn't you, especially the Republicans? I mean, they are freaking suing Obama what they say is taking too much responsibility upon himself when it involves kids crossing the border or poor people getting healthcare but now when we are talking WAR, they are "ho hum, don't bother us, we're at the beach."

Matters this grave beg for Senators and Representatives to get involved. Legally, they are supposed to be involved. It's not fair to the president to carry a burden this momentous on his own. They either need to give him the authorization to take military action or forbid him from doing it. Which do they want? We have no idea. They can't be bothered to tell us.

I think they are doing it purposely....making him the scapegoat. That way if it turns out badly, they can say it's all his fault. Of course, even if it turns positively, the Republicans will still piss and moan and declare everything is awful.

What a bunch of self-focused gutless wonders they are. I'm 68 years old and I honestly never thought I'd see the day that America's government couldn't even bring itself to come together over matters of war. It is absolutely sickening to watch.  

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