Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No! No! A Thousand Times No!


I have this unbelievable sense of deja vu when I surf the news channels and see many of the same people who sold us the Iraq war pushing for us to jump back in. They are interviewed by the talking heads just as if they had even a freaking ounce of credibility after getting it so wrong the first time.

Cheney, Wolfowitz, Pollack, Bolton, McCain. Remember how they told us Iraq would be a cake walk and they figured it would be over in days or weeks but that it certainly wouldn't take months, oh, no. How about fucking YEARS, guys?

Remember how they told us that it wouldn't cost us much at all because Iraq's own oil profits would pay for the war and their reconstruction. In the end, the price added up to trillions. 

Remember how they told us that the Iraqis would greet us as liberators and they'd be so happy for their freedom that, after centuries of hate, the Sunnis and Shia would hold hands and sing kumbaya together? Instead, al-Maliki, the leader that we installed, embarked on a government of paybacks that shut the Sunnis out despite America's pleas for unity. (Hell, we can't even manage that for ourselves!)

Remember how they told us about Iraq's non-existent yellow cake uranium and non-existent aluminum tubes, getting up on television and lying through their teeth?

Did they not notice that the Middle East is constantly balanced on a powder keg, liable to go off at any time? Before our ill-fated entry into Iraq, Saddam Hussein (Sunni) and the mullahs of Iran (Shia) kept each other in a rough kind of check along with other countries that sided with one or the other. The Iraq War upset that balance of power.  Now it seems to be civil war in almost every country.

Remember how they told us Iraq was a threat to our security because Saddam Hussein was allied with Al Qaeda - another bald-faced lie? So, were there more radical Muslims who hate us then or now?

Remember how they forgot to mention that part of the price of this war wouldn't be in money but in the blood of our children. over 4,000 killed and tens of thousands injured. And for what? Someone who believed in the war just tell me - for what? What did we gain in return for that terrible cost?

And yet, here they are again, making their rounds of the Sunday talk shows, telling us how it is all Obama's fault. Everything in Iraq was hunky-dory under their watch, don't you know? And in the height of egregious self-righteousness, they talk with straight faces as if they actually believe what they are saying. And the hosts listen to them with straight faces, as if they hadn't tarnished their own reputations so badly, they should never be allowed in front of a television camera again. And that goes for the listeners as well as the talkers. Wasn't there a famous saying, "fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again"?
Oh, wait.....

Some conservatives don't seem to understand that the Bush Administration negotiated the 2008 Status of Forces Agreement that mandated that all our troops would be out of Iraq by December 31/2011. That's what Iraq wanted. President Obama actually offered to extend that timeline, provided al-Maliki would make some effort to establish a more inclusive government. He refused and we completed the withdrawal of our troops by December 16, 2011.

So, now, of course, this new group, ISIS, even more radical than al Qaeda if you can imagine that, has sprung up, determined to seek revenge for the Sunnis against both Iraq's government and Shiite population   as well as America. On the other side are Iran and the Assad regime in Syria, both of whom we have declared our sworn enemies, but those would be our allies if we go back to Iraq. What a kettle of strange fish that is, huh?

I say no, absolutely not! We gave them 9 years and thousands of American lives and trillions of American dollars. That's enough. If the Rumsfelds and Pollacks and Cheney's and Wolfowitz' and Boltons are so anxious to get back in a war, let them enlist an army of America militia who seem so anxious to show off their AK 47s. You guys take this one on without the rest of us.

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