Monday, May 12, 2014

Heresy is Alive and Well

I posted this cartoon on Facebook and received a reply back from one of my friends who called my concern about climate change and the possibility of doing anything about it "laughable". My answer was that if reincarnationists are correct and people tend to reincarnate back in groups, today's Republicans must be the same crowd that insisted on Galileo being tried for heresy.

Honestly, it seems to me that they literally revel in their own ignorance. They live in a world of hoaxes and conspiracy. Science is one big hoax. The president's credentials to hold his office are a conspiracy. The Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax and so was the lost flight 370 from Malaysia...and the United Nations is going to take all our guns and establish one-world government.....and 911 and Kennedy's assassination.....

The more educated and intelligent people try to tell them differently, the more they pooh-pooh them. They're proud that they can't be fooled by a bunch of pointed-headed liberal elites. In the face of research and facts and statistics about melting ice caps and the rising water levels and droughts and fires and catastrophic weather events, they hold firm that it is all nonsense.

Of course, they are aghast if you venture to question their belief in a grand old man in the sky who watches out for us all and who sent his son to be crucified for our sins and then rose to heaven. Now, that to them, is incontrovertible truth and they don't understand how anyone could possibly doubt it. In their world, faith trumps evidence every time.

If they had been alive when John F Kennedy declared that we would land on the moon in ten years, they'd have fallen on the floor laughing. Of course, many of them still think the moon landing was a hoax and created on a stage set in Hollywood.

We've always had these people but geez, have they always been so numerous....and so influential? Have we always loaded up our Science committees with kooks regardless of party in charge? Have we ever created political oxymorons like putting Michelle Bachman on the Intelligence committee?

The next thing you know we'll be burning witches at the stake again. Does that bother me? Yep, because I'm liable be one of the first to feel the flames!

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