Sunday, January 19, 2014

Is Our Democratic System Dying?


Except for a few of my more rational friends, I have almost stopped debating politics on Facebook because, can you really take anyone seriously who thinks this post is funny and/or true? Is it even possible to have a genuine discussion with someone who takes their attitude from a website named Barack Obama's Dead Fly?

God only knows where these people will all end up before Obama's second four years as president is over (assuming, of course, that they don't successfully impeach him or imprison him or hang him for treason or all of the above, as they are clamoring constantly to do). I suspect we may have to build more mental hospitals for the victims of raging cases of Obama Derangement Syndrome before it's over.

There is absolutely nothing that is too baseless, to classless or too vicious for them to post about Obama and Michelle. They despise them with an unreasoning loathing that I believe has its roots in racism although they swear it doesn't (and perhaps they even believe it). Its the same atavistic impulse that caused them to automatically believe that George Zimmerman had an absolute right to shoot that little black thug, Trayvon Martin, dead. They seem incapable of feeling any sympathy for Trayvon's parents or the Obama children.

They believe Obama has created death squads and detention camps (using FEMA) for people like them although, courageously, they continue to put the most scathing posts on Facebook. Because, you know, they are sort of like the original American revolutionaries, fearless in their defense of "their" country. With pride, they defy our Muslim dictator, yeah, by posting on Facebook though they might end up dead or behind barbed wire. Never mind, that we haven't heard of anyone being killed or consigned to a concentration camp. (What the heck do you suppose Barack is waiting for? Maybe it's to confiscate all their guns. Oh, wait, they haven't confiscated anyone's guns.) Anyway, Obama is a piker in the killing department, being way, way behind the death-dealing (as the rabid right-wingers assert) Clintons.

They resent Michelle's clothes and the Obama vacations, as if no First Lady ever wore designer clothes and no First Family ever took vacations before this one. They call her, as in this picture, Moochelle and they call him Obummer and Bobo and other demeaning names. They have contempt for her projects such as her push for kids to eat healthy and get fit though what in the world could anyone find offensive about that? Is it any different than Nancy Reagan telling young people to Just Say No or Barbara Bush encouraging them to read more?

They want to believe he is a non-American Muslim mole and so they do and no amount of documentation could change their minds. They wave off the massive conspiracy that would have to be in place for such a thing to happen, the thousands of people who would have to be involved.

Have we ever denigrated a president, a first lady and the very presidency itself quite so scurrilously before? Not that I can recall and I've been an adult since Jack Kennedy. Even during the Bush Two era, when we Democrats thoroughly disliked Dubya, we never accused him of being a traitor. We thought he was wrong about many things but we didn't think he was disloyal to his office. We never posted pictures of Barbara Bush as a bulldog or a gorilla as I have seen with Michelle.

They give Obama no credit for even one single thing. Everything he does is wrong. He could heroically save a child from a burning building and they'd swear it was a publicity stunt.

With every year that passes, they pass farther into a world of sheer lunacy. And if Hillary becomes our next president (or any Democrat for that matter), I fear we're only in for more of the same. I'm not sure how a country can exist if we have no respect for our system, our leaders or the voters that put them in office.

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