Sunday, January 12, 2014

If I Was Queen for a Day.....

You talk about your executive orders......if I was Queen for a Day, I'd stay up all night issuing directives.

- I'd tell my generals to get us out of Afghanistan A.S.A.P. If our 13-year investment of blood and treasure into that country hasn't accomplished our purposes by now, it's never going to. What was our purpose anyway? Oh, right, getting Bin Laden and Al Qaida, wasn't it? What is the rationale for staying now?

- I'd close Guantanamo immediately. That terrible place is a shameful stain on our country's honor (not to mention a drain on our resources).

- I'd have to have a serious discussion with advisers to be sure but my inclination would be to pardon Edward Snowden. I think he brought some issues into the light of day that needed to be revealed about the secretive and massive way our government has gone about tracking our lives. At the least, we need to have a national discussion about how much of this surveillance we believe is acceptable.

- I would legalize gay marriage in every state in the union. I see it as a civil right, not a state's rights issue.

- I'd legalize marijuana nationwide. I might even decriminalize all drugs seeing as how our decades-long Drug War has been such an epic fail when we have more people in prison than any other civilized country in the world.

- I'd parole the people who were incarcerated for minor drug crimes that didn't include violence.

- I'd order all red states to remove their onerous restrictions against abortion, a constitutionally protected right.

- I'd convert Obamacare into a single payer system - Medicare for all.

- I'd appoint a non-partisan commission to reset all the voting districts in the country to be fair and unbiased toward any party - Republican or Democrat. I'd nationalize voting so that all states used the same hours, the same machines, the same rules for early registration and internet voting, the same number of polling places per population, the same forms of identification.

- I'd overturn Citizens United and institute public funding of campaigns with strict limits on how much could be spent by each candidate.

- Groups that are a front for politics would flat-out lose their tax-exempt status. None of this farcical "oh, we're an educational group who happens to dabble a little in politics."  Sure thing, Karl Rove.

- I'd forbid the killing of wolves and wild horses. We have treated those two species like we treated the Indians. We take over their territory, shoving them into smaller and smaller habitats, then become outraged when they do what they do to survive.

-  I'd shut down all puppy mills.

- I believe in the Second Amendment but I would institute some commonsense gun control, such as background checks on all purchases and yes, the banning of high capacity magazines.

Oh, my gosh, here it is, almost midnight and I still have a ton of stuff I want to do! I wonder if I could have just one more day......

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