Monday, October 21, 2013

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Oh God, I'm so sick of talking about shutdowns and fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings and sequesters. I'm so tired of living with crisis management. I'm worn out seeing our President and First Lady portrayed as Nazis, Muslim terrorists and chimpanzees. The smug, self-righteous arrogance of Ted Cruz exhausts me. I just shrug when I'm called a kool-aid drinking moronic lemming. I've heard it too many times for it to have much effect.

In reality, this is the same war as all modern wars. The rebels against the establishment. The guerrillas against the army. The insurrectionists against the status quo.

The only difference is in tactics. So far, (most of) the ones who see themselves as freedom fighters in throwing off the yoke of tyranny have confined themselves to verbal accusations and political dirty tricks. They haven't yet resorted to weapons although they threaten to do just that on Facebook every day where you see constant calls for a New Revolution and Secession and Taking our Country Back.

Do you suppose that is the Tea Party's strategy? To simply wear us down until we give up and say, "what the fuck ever"? Most of us just want to live our lives in peace. We want to work and take care of our families and buy houses and send our kids to college and eat out at Applebee's every now and then and go to church and watch football. We don't really want to man the ramparts with Old Bessie in our hands.

We wish Ted and his cohorts in the Tea Party would just go away so life would get back to normal, the way it used to be when we all pretty well liked each other and if we weren't always thrilled with our government, we didn't despise it either. Even if the president wasn't our favorite, we didn't think he was a alien, Muslim, terrorist who wanted to destroy the country.

Usually, it is the guerrillas who have the energy and the wild-eyed passion on their side and that's so in this case. The rest of us see them with confused dismay as they shout their cries for revolution. What the hell are they talking about?

If you ever read Ayn Rand then you have some idea of their philosophy of what the world should be. Law of the Jungle. Every Man for Himself. Sink or Swim. Of course, they ignore the fact that Ayn was an atheist who was swayed not at all by the kinder, gentler teachings of the Christ they claim for their very own. I haven't read Ayn since high school....I had rather an idealistic crush on her heroes then. Perhaps I should revisit Atlas Shrugged to recall exactly what kind of a society the Tea Party envisions in its ultimate fantasy.

I'd be glad to host a guest post if any Tea Party person would like to explain it from their point of view.

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