Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thinking Out Loud

Random Thoughts -

* Do only fat women have bladder leakage? The gal who talks on the Tena Twist commercial is normal sized but all the supposed sufferers of leakage, who dance around ecstatically due to having found Tena Twist, are large to obese. Is that just a contemptuous assumption on the part of the commercial's developers?

* I'm going to be 67 in a few days. I don't have to time to vet the books of first-time e-publishers. That's why the various sites that promote e-books, even with free giveways, rarely tempt me into responding. I stick with the tried and true unless I receive an especially enthusiastic endorsement from someone I know and trust. That's not fair, I know, because I am also dependent on readers who are willing to take a flyer on an unknown author. I'm gratified they aren't all like me.

* I still haven't totally made up my mind about Edward Snowden. Is he a traitor or a whistle-blower? Since the beginning, I've leaned toward whistle-blower and that continues to be my position. In the same vein, I think Bradley Manning got shafted and the way the government handled his trial was shameful. I have a bit of a soft spot fir Julian Assange of WikiLeaks too. Over all, I would say I have more bone-deep paranoia about a too-powerful and secretive government than I do of the people who reveal their secrets.

* I was around during the Sixties. It was a time of protests, when African-Americans and women and returning soldiers were finding their voices. It was a time of revelation when people realized they could force the government to change...and when they discovered to their shock that that same government wasn't above shooting them. I was only a cheerleader in these events. I was a young, poor mother, mostly more concerned about cranky teething babies and finding enough money to pay the rent than civil rights and  ending wars. And, of course, there were many Woodstock types who were into drugs and rock and roll and sex rather than bringing about world peace. We were a mixed bag, just as large groups of people always are. But, still, things got done. Civil rights and women's rights and Vietnam.

I feel that same kind of energy now. Thousands of Texans shouting and holding signs in the Capitol over the the patronizing treatment of women at the hands of mostly male politicians; hundreds of kids taking over the Florida governor's office for days wanting changes to Stand Your Ground laws; crowds of North Carolinians coming together for Moral Mondays; hundreds of thousands of Americans determined to vote despite all the efforts to suppress them; fast food employees striking for better wages from their record-profit-earning employers. Take the all that tinder, and light it with the flame of the George Zimmerman verdict and I don't believe the Republican "establishment" is large or powerful enough to put out that fire. Again, I won't be personally involved. I'm too old this time and I have the responsibility of a mother with Alzheimers, but once again, even from the sidelines I'm with them. So far, most of the passion has been on the other side but that is changing. Burn, Baby, burn.

* Keystone canned meats are my best recent discovery. They are wonderful. I even love them enough to go through the dreaded doors of Walmart to buy them (I've been told that it was the survivalists who convinced Walmart to carry them. I rarely agree with, or feel grateful to the American militia movement but if they are responsible for Keystone in Walmart, I thank them.) Keystone's canned chicken and beef are lean and flavorful. You can have a scrumptious beef and noodle or chicken and noodle dinner in 15 minutes. You can put them in casseroles or soups or salads or stews. I hope they aren't processed in China; I hope they aren't really horsemeat. If they are, I don't want to know. I'd rather remain happy in my ignorance.

* We, the white authority, treat wild horses the same way we treated Native Americans. We take their habitat and put them on reservations, land that is mostly undesirable for anything else. We pay lip service to their place in the heritage of the Old West but really, we see them as predators...stealing forage from other animals we approve of. Cows, most of all, of course, but also large game animals that draw high-paying hunters. And as the mustangs' natural habitat grows smaller because of our decisions, we complain that they are too prolific and have round-ups, "zeroing out" some herds altogether, fencing in others. We say we don't butcher them but we do, simply letting a third-party do it for us so our hands are clean.

* Ariel Castro is the most chilling embodiment of a psychopath I've ever seen in justifying his horrific actions. And I can't help seeing an uncomfortable similiarity between his behavior and that of America and Guantanamo.


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