Monday, August 12, 2013

Priest Appears From Nowhere - Real or Fantasy?

There has recently been a video being posted and re-posted on Facebook regarding a priest who appears out of nowhere during a terrible accident in which a woman was entrapped in her car. (Click link for video: Priest Appears.) The priest comforts the victim and first responders, telling them they will succeed in freeing her. By the time, she is extricated and they turn to thank him, he has disappeared.

There seem to be two contrasting schools of thought on this video and not much in between. In the first case, viewers are convinced the priest was an angel sent by God to perform a miracle. In the second, skeptics scorn the very idea of God and angels and miracles as fantasies of the ignorant.

I am squarely in the middle on this issue. I am often called an atheist by the devout who lump anyone whose beliefs aren't in lock-step with their own into one dismissive category. The fact is that as an agnostic, I don't deny that there is an all-powerful God (though I do doubt that he/she/it belongs to any particular religion or denomination ), I just say I don't know and I don't believe anyone else does either.

I've often read that humans only use the merest part of their brain capacity, about 10 to 15 percent, max. So what could we accomplish if we could utilize that other massive percentage? Hard to know but considering what man has accomplished with only 15 percent, it seems that 85 percent would result in spectacular achievements, doesn't it?

In modern times, the area humans have allowed to wither away most is the spiritual. In earlier eras, metaphysical capabilities were taken for granted in many cultures - communing with dead loved ones, receiving knowledge in ways other than books or schools (while asleep, for instance), pre-warning of future events, acceptance of what appeared to be miracles, (such as calling forth a comforting being in times of need). Organized religion is probably most at fault for tamping down these abilities, because of wanting to be the only "gateway" to the spiritual people had. Miracles were still acknowledged but only those that stemmed from within religious parameters. My own previous church, the Catholic Church, for instance, says essentially, "it is only a miracle if WE say it's a miracle."

And so, we burned witches and called those who had psychic powers lunatics. We discouraged our children from telling us they saw things we knew weren't there, describing them as over-imaginative. Until, that part of our brains mostly just atrophied from disuse.

My own father was psychic and he wasn't the only one in our family. (Unfortunately, it skipped me altogether). I would defy anyone to live with him and deny that some people have the power and consciousness to pass through the spiritual curtain to at least some degree and to refuse to acknowledge that there is another world beyond our world.

I have always detested the way many religious people deny anyone's beliefs but their own. I think the idea that a God who created everything then limits The Chosen to a particular religion or denomination is ridiculous on its face. To Christians, even good Muslims will burn in hell; to Muslims, all infidels will burn in hell. That is us creating God in our own tiny, narrow-minded image.

Likewise, atheists who pooh-pooh anything that can't be proven by science are equally as arrogant and small-minded. As a matter of fact, there is reams of evidence that there is a world of the spirit and that it can be tapped into. (I would recommend they begin with the works of Edgar Cayce, then get back with me about where they believe his gifts came from).

So, either way people trap their minds in cages of their own making. Humans have progressed exponentially in technology. Perhaps, our next great break-through will come when we explore the spiritual world without prejudice or preconceived opinions.

So, do I believe a priest appeared from nowhere called forth by the faith of a frightened victim? Of course, why not? Miracles happen all the time. They don't belong to certain religions or no religion. They don't even belong to humans exclusively as they can happen in nature as well. They are ecumenical. You don't get to claim them for your own. They belong to all of us.


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