Friday, August 9, 2013

Do They Just Love To Hate?

I've almost completely stopped interacting on Facebook about politics. The right has beaten me. I admit that I'm a wuss when it comes to matching their irrational hatred of Obama and all things even remotely liberal with equal hatred of my own.

One of my friends posted gleefully about the closing of the embassies in the Middle East, seeing it as a sign of Obama's "weakness". Would she be gratified if there actually was an attack? A few deaths would be icing on the cake. Think of how they could pile on the president for that!

This same woman states without any self-awareness of her contradiction that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim who has seeded his administration with members of the Muslim Brotherhood. He's on the side of the Muslims with a secret plan to turn America into a Muslim nation, which begs the question of why Al Qaida is doing what they are doing in the Middle East since Obama is their secret co-conspirator. Wouldn't it be smarter to simply give him time to accomplish his mission instead of trying to undermine him?

I asked my friend what she would have Obama do? Are drone strikes that have taken out hundreds of Muslim jihadists not enough? Does she want to go to war with almost the entirety of the Middle East?

And I guess this would be even as we have a revolution here at home, of which she's in total favor. Obviously, the majority of Americans are too stupid to accept that the president should be impeached so the only way to "take our country back" is to start shooting. She will gladly join in, she says. I will join in too (not so gladly). That should be interesting - a Shoot-out at the OK Corral between two old, fat, white women. She will do it because she believes Obama and we liberals are bringing about the downfall of America. I would do it because I think she and her crowd are threatening the very same thing.

Another Facebook friend posted a picture of Vladimir Putin making a negative comment about the president and incredibly, when she compared the two men, Putin came out on top! She thinks the savagely authoritarian ex-KGB officer is less of a dictator than Obama! How can that be? Russia is currently embroiled in a controversy over the Olympics and its systematic beatings and repression of gays. Russians who so much as express sympathy for homosexuals can be arrested and thrown in prison.

I know my friend is opposed to gay marriage but still, is this how she would see gays treated in America? The president who encourages such brutal discrimination is the one you prefer over Barack Obama? Really?

What I find most shocking is that, when not in their political incarnations, I would consider most of my conservative friends to be average Americans. They are hard workers, loving parents, supportive friends, faithful Christians. They adore their pets and flea markets and baseball games and the beach. Who knew that they had this unsuspected side that allows them to post vile pictures of our president as Adolph Hitler or his wife as a baboon. And don't tell me I did the same when George Bush was president because I didn't. I thought he was wrong; I didn't consider him evil incarnate.

Over and over, I hear from these folks that Obama is taking our freedoms. Over and over, I ask them what freedom they have lost since the president was elected. Over and over, all I get is resounding silence. Or sometimes, they mention Obamacare. They have no clue what Obamacare will or won't do (in fact, none of us do until the entire program is fully implemented.

I can't figure out exactly what it is they loathe so much. Is is the part that prevents insurance companies from denying coverage for a pre-existing condition? Is it the part that forbids insurance companies from instituting lifetime caps? Is it the part that mandates that insurance companies must spend a high percentage of their earnings on actual health care....and if they don't, refunding the rest back to their insureds? Is it the part that allows uninsured kids to stay on their parent's health policy until they are 26? Is it the part that guarantees free preventative procedures, such as mammograms, cancer screenings and diabetes testing? Is it the part that mandates free contraceptive (especially considering that the same people who hate Obamacare also resent welfare recipients)? Is it the part that encourages healthy young people to purchase healthcare so the rest of us don't get stuck paying for their motorcycle wreck or unexpected illness? Is Obamacare so different from from Social Security and Medicare? Do they want to repeal those programs too for taking away our "freedoms"?

How much of this has to do with racism? Although, my right-wing friends howl indignantly if you suggest that racism plays even the smallest part in their raging case of Obama Derangement Syndrome, I have, regretfully, come to the sad conclusion that they are fooling themselves. I had felt that way for a while but the Trayvon Martin case simply cemented my opinion. I believe they view black and brown skin through a different filter.

Oddly, I run into this same attitude on the NASCAR websites. (Is that because so many NASCAR fans lean right-ward?) It isn't enough to root for your favorite driver, you must despise his competition. He must be a fag, a cheater, an asshole, a whiner. Like Obama, you can't give him credit for anything but you must give him criticism for everything, even the most innocuous things, like vacations.

Do conservative right-wingers simply get off on hate? Are they exhilarated by the thought of chaos and dissension and revolution? Do they enjoy seeing the government caught up in the turmoil of gridlock? Do they truly want their representatives to shut down the government over Obamacare or the debt ceiling? Do they want us to tumble over a fiscal cliff or not pay our bills so that we're humiliated in the world? Do they want to see the bombing of U.S. embassies? Because all of that would prove them right about Barack Obama? Do they want to be able to say, "see, we told you so" about disasters they brought on us themselves?

I remember back in the day, Before Facebook, you'd see lots of signs and bumper stickers that said, "America, Love It or Leave It". Well, I feel that way now. If you folks are so unhappy with the decisions the majority of us have made, maybe you should go some place you like better. I mean if Vladimir Putin is your new BFF......

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