Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Came Back And Everything Was Still the Same

I have ignored this blog for a while in order to finish up a book (which will be published next week). When I finally lifted my head from the seventh in the Rafe series of novels, I discovered a lot had happened in the world when I wasn't paying attention.

- For one thing, here we go again with Syria. It seems that no matter how poor we are supposed to be, no matter how much their mantra is "cut, cut, cut", even if that means children go hungry and the unemployed lose benefits and cancer patients go without treatment and students miss school, the Republicans are always happy to find the dollars for another war.

- Meanwhile, they are beside themselves because Obama is going to Africa. No one ever minded when any other president took foreign trips or went on vacation or had White House events but now that it is Obama, the R's believe all that should stop immediately. Barack should keep his ass home and Michelle should shop at the Good Will store and do all her own cooking and housework. I mean, isn't that what black women were born to do?

- Meanwhile, Virginia cancelled its primaries where rational people might actually help choose their candidates and instead, went with a caucus of the farthest of the far right. Not surprisingly, they came up with a slate of total losers. For Governor, Ken Cuccinelli, the guy who wanted to re-institute the sodomy laws in Virginia (and who may be in trouble for taking bribes, along with the current governor).

For Lt. Governor, E. W. Jackson, who called homosexuals "sick and perverted" and stated that when you "empty your mind" as in the practice of Yoga, Satan comes in to fill the void.

For Attorney General, State Senator Mark Obershain who once proposed a law that all Virginia women who suffered a miscarriage had to report it to the police within 24 hours.

And, last but not least, The Right Reverend Doctor Joe Ellison, Jr. for Director of African American Outreach, no less. Yep, the very same Reverend Joe who agreed with Pat Robertson that voodoo was responsible for the earthquake in Haiti.

In Wisconsin, the legislature practically had a riot when the Republicans passed their new "no abortions after 20 weeks" bill with the leader banging his gavel like a furious tin-pot dictator.

And in Iowa, the Republicans gave their (Republican, of course) governor the responsibility to personally have to approve each and every Medicaid-funded abortion request. Well, hell, what else do governors have to do, right?

Do you remember the agonizing second-guessing the Republicans endured after their crushing losses in 2012? Do you remember how they decided they must change their tone in order to appeal to more mainstream and minority Americans? Well, this is what they came up with in their very first attempt at statewide elections since 2012. It doesn't seem to bode well for the future, does it?

- All of Darrell Issa's hysterical scandals seem to be coming apart. He hasn't produced any evidence that anyone did anything deliberately wrong during Benghazi. In fact, the released e-mails seem to prove the Obama administration was not involved in "shaping" the talking points.

Ditto, the IRS fiasco, about which Issa has refused to release the relevant transcripts which leads me to assume that they also exonerate the White House because you can damn well bet they'd be splashed all over t.v., internet and the front pages newspapers if there was material that indicted President Obama.

The AP phone records. In light of the number of leaks coming from the government, I think it is pretty understandable that the White House wants to hit this one hard. There is something terribly wrong when Senator John McCain received information from a source and went public with the administration's new strategy on Syria before they released it themselves! Both McCain and his source should be ashamed. The Republicans seem to have lost any sense of patriotism and belief that Americans stand together on foreign policy, something that used to be one of their driving forces.

- But never fear, with all that bad news, we still have Rick Perry, thank God. He signed a law in Texas, surrounded by Santas, making it legal to say Merry Christmas in Texas! Whew, what a relief that was! Oh and he also vetoed a pay equity bill, passed by both houses of the legislature.

And we still have Marco Rubio, who said he'd kill his own immigration bill if the same rights it extended to straight immigrants were also extended to gays. And we still have Ted Cruz. A lot of the Republicans worship at the altar of Ayn Rand but Cruz models himself after his idol, Joseph McCarthy. I could go on....

So, now that I've caught up after being gone from the political world for a while, I see that nothing much has really changed after all. 


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