Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Will America Look Like After The Revolution?

I have recently come to the conclusion that the conservative side of America's body politic has been taken over by mass psychosis. Debating issues with them is like debating with the residents of a mental ward. It used to be we discussed things like whether Mitt Romney should pay more taxes or whether gays should be allowed to marry or the best way to resolve the immigration issue. Both sides tried to marshal their facts and conclusions to present to the other. No one's mind was probably changed but it was interesting and informative to see alternate views. All of us tried to be relatively courteous and respectful. That was before conservatives moved farther and farther in the direction of radical extremism.

I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened but somewhere along the line, I began to notice that my right-leaning debating partners no longer accused me of being simply wrong-headed in my thinking, now I was a retard or a moron or an idiot. Or even worse, I was a traitor who was in league with that Nazi (or that socialist or that Muslim-sympathizer or that Constitution-shredder or that ....) Barack Obama in wanting to destroy the country. Treason on the part of anyone who disagrees with them is now one of their favorite adjectives.

It didn't matter that I own guns, that I have guns in my house, that I have a gun permit, that I believe in the Second Amendment - the slightest deviance from the N.R.A. line means that you're a gun-grabber who believes in a repressive government. If you do not support guns in schools, in church, at athletic events, if you do not support more guns for everybody, regardless of criminal history, then you're on the side of the disloyalists. There is no middle ground. The newly-elected president of the N.R.A said that ALL Americans should have military style weapons and be taught to fight tyranny. But tyranny is in the eye of the beholder. ALL Americans include me too and I guarantee you that if they forced me to shoot, I'd aim for Ted Nugent.

If you do not believe that Benghazi is a worse scandal than Watergate and Iran-Contra and lying about weapons of mass destruction to start a war all rolled into one, then it is obvious that you want to to turn the country into the 21st century version of the Third Reich. If you do not believe Barack Obama is shredding the Constitution and threatening the very fabric of our society, then you have blinders on.

If you do not believe that Michelle Obama is too ugly (and black?) to be our First Lady or that 11 million immigrants should be deported or that gays should have the grace to go back in the closet where they belong like the Bible tells them to, then you're not a "real" American.

And what I find the strangest about all this is that these are not voices coming from ultra-right-wing websites. Some of them are personal friends. They are middle-aged women who live in middle-class houses in small town America. They work regular jobs. Some of them work for the government! They are mothers and grandmothers. None of them were ever political activists.

And yet, here they are, seemingly ready, eager even, to join the New Revolution. They truly believe America has to be saved from people like me. The fact that people like me constitute a majority of the population of the country sways them not at all because we are kool-aid drinking fools if we don't know about Obama's death squads and the black helicopters and the agenda of the "gun-grabbers" in anticipation of overpowering the population and turning us over to the Muslim Brotherhood (or whoever).

I've asked them to articulate the future they foresee if it all comes down the way they espouse. Ironically, conservatives are especially prone to posts revering soldier and cops. I've asked them if they realize that it would be those same soldiers and cops they would be firing upon if we engage in another civil war and not some shadowy Muslim army. Yes, the military and police contain some of the same political divisions as the rest of us. Some would undoubtedly join the rebel forces, but my guess is that most of them would remain loyal to the current government. So, it might very well be brother against brother (and sister) as it was during the last War of Northern Aggression, as the new president of the NRA calls it.That one lasted 5 years and cost hundreds of thousands of American lives. Do my friends anticipate the same for their new war?

Honestly, none of them seem to have thought very far ahead to what "taking America back" means in real life rather than Facebook posts. If they won, would we still be a democracy or have those of us who disagree with them proven our unworthiness to participate in the political system? Would they put liberals on reservations or in concentration camps? I know that sounds ridiculous but how do they see the country in their New American Order? None of them ever tell me.

One of my friends asked me, "aren't you afraid of what Obama wants to do to the country?" My answer: "no, I'm afraid of what you want to do."

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